Alan Colmes Returns To O’Reilly After Epic Shouting Match [Video]

Bill O'Reilly and Alan Colmes

Liberal commentator Alan Colmes returned to The O’Reilly Factor last night for the first time since his epic shouting match with host Bill O’Reilly last week.

The two seemed to have mended their friendship, with both appearing jovial on last night’s episode of the Fox News program. “Bill, I wanted to thank you for doing couple’s counseling with me,” Colmes quipped.

Last Wednesday, O’Reilly quickly lost his temper while he and Colmes were talking about President Obama’s attitude toward spending cuts. O’Reilly said that Obama has no interest in spending cuts or the national debt. Colmes countered that Obama has offered specific cuts to Republicans in Congress, but that they wouldn’t budge on them.

O’Reilly flared, demanding that Colmes provide one specific example of a program Obama has pledged to cut. Colmes said vaguely that Obama planned to cut entitlements, with O’Reilly slamming his fist on the desk and demanding something more specific. “This is bull-blank,” O’Reilly said, flat-out calling Colmes a “liar.”

The very next day, O’Reilly addressed the shouting match at the beginning of his program, calling the issue they were debating “a bunch of general nonsense,” and offered an apology.

“Even though I’m sorry I said Alan was lying — I should not have used that word — I’m glad the exposition occurred,” O’Reilly said.

Colmes seems to have accepted the apology, remaining mostly pleasant with O’Reilly on last night’s program. That is, until, O’Reilly baited Colmes back into the argument they had last week, clarifying his position and saying that Obama has “proposed slowing down the spending, not cutting – and even that is minuscule.”

“I’m trying to understand, Colmes. I’m trying to understand,” O’Reilly said.

“I think it depends on how you define a cut,” shot back Colmes.


O’Reilly pointed out that Obama has spent more money than any other president combined, to which Colmes responded that the claim isn’t based on fair metrics on the rate of spending increase. Under that microscope, Obama is actually lower than any president since Eisenhower.

Here’s video of Alan Colmes’ return to The O’Reilly Factor: