December 7, 2014
CM Punk Left The WWE And Signed With The UFC, Now Let Him Fight

CM Punk told Ariel Helwani last night on that he is now living his third dream. The first dream, Punk conquered that and became a professional wrestler. Not only that, he became the WWE champion and held it for 434 days. Nobody can take that away from CM Punk.

Secondly, Punk is now writing for Marvel Comics. For those that know Punk and his interests, he's a huge comic book fan. Marvel wouldn't have charged the Chicago-native to write comics for them if he didn't like comics. That's just logic. Nobody can take that away from CM Punk.

Last night, the UFC and Dana White dropped a major bombshell at UFC 181. Joe Rogan, the UFC commentator, met with CM Punk in between bouts and announced that CM Punk signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC. The fans should expect Punk in the octagon in 2015. When White and Punk met earlier yesterday, there was a feeling in the air that Punk would sign. He did and "broke the internet" once again. Nobody can take that away from CM Punk.


CM Punk doesn't deserve the hate he is currently getting for wanting to accomplish a dream. He's in the public eye and every move is documented. For example, Punk going to Verizon Wireless to get an iPhone 6 was a news story. Is there really nothing he can do without criticism? Forgive the man for living, as any person that isn't a celebrity that wants to pursue a dream will never get "crucified," as Punk put it last night.

He noted that he will be staying off Twitter for the foreseeable future, because he doesn't need the negativity. Do you blame him? Is CM Punk really a mercenary for pursuing the UFC? No. He's a human being with a passion for fighting. Like Punk said on Colt Cabana's podcast, the WWE was only a pit stop in his career.

Adding on to the pessimism of a professional wrestler wanting to fight in the UFC, fighters are weighing in on the shocking signing on Twitter. Jon Jones, the UFC Light Heavyweight champion, decided to poke fun at Punk and the WWE.

The best part is, fans actually believed Jones when he tweeted that out.

When the heart wants something, it instills the need and drive into the person that it resists to get the job done. For me personally, becoming an anchor/reporter on television is the dream. Will I get prosecuted for wanting to become a car salesman when I'm 36? What about professional wrestling? I love the wrestling industry, but is it something I can pursue?

That's for me to decide when the time comes. Clearly, CM Punk wanted to fight in the octagon for a long time. He's been to many pay-per-views over the years and proved that he's a die-hard MMA fan. His BJJ black belt also proves that he has formal training and practice.

So, the former-WWE champion walked out of his "independent contractor agreement" and then got fired. That's the true story, not the fact that he quit. CM Punk never quit. He was terminated after taking a leave of absence. People do that in real jobs too and don't get blasted on Twitter and media alike.

In 2015, the world will be watching as CM Punk fights a combatant with a similar resume for the UFC. He will be succeeding in a dream that has lived on the radar of Punk for a long time. There are a few lessons that will resonate with this story.

  • Money isn't everything.
  • Do what you want.
  • Don't listen to the haters.
Nobody can take that away from CM Punk.

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