October 21, 2019
Donald Trump Accuses Impeachment Chair Adam Schiff Of Being Ukraine Whistleblower

Donald Trump accused House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff of being the informant who launched the House Democrat's impeachment inquiry. While speaking with the White House press corp for over an hour, the president addressed a range of topics. Notably, he suggested that the whistleblower has been discredited before suggesting that perhaps there never was an informant. Or, if there was, it was "possibly" Schiff.

According to Mediaite, Trump weighed in on a frequent topic of focus: the Ukraine whistleblower. He began speaking about the issue, asking why people weren't talking about the informant's letter anymore. He suggested that the reason was that the whistleblower had been discredited, though there is no evidence that this is the case.

He then pivoted to discuss his Inspector General, who he says should have pushed to get a copy of the letter so that he could read the account.

"Why didn't he read this and then see the whistleblower's account was totally different than the letter? Then he would have said, oh, there is no problem here. The whistleblower gave a false account," the president said, there there is no proof to support the claim that the informant's letter was inaccurate or false.

Trump suggested that there was no need to protect someone who gave a dishonest testimony.

"Do we have to protect somebody who gave a fully honest account of what happened. What about the informant? I don't think there was an informant. The whistleblower had second and thirdhand information," Trump said, though he didn't offer any evidence to support his claim.

At that point, Trump suggested that he knew who the whistleblower was - Representative Schiff.

"Maybe the informant was Schiff. In my opinion, it's possibly Schiff. Why didn't Schiff say he and his staff, or his staff?" Trump asked.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, it's not the first time that Trump has attacked the Democratic lawmaker. In the past, Trump has called Schiff "corrupt" and attacked his recent interviews with ambassadors related to the Ukraine investigation.

"A very dishonest sleazebag!" Trump said.

He continued his attack by retweeting a message that called the impeachment inquiry an "unconstitutional power grab" and "totally invalid."

Trump hasn't been alone in his attempts to discredit Schiff, who is heading the impeachment inquiry. Other members of the Republican party have attempted to hamper his investigation and discredit the Democratic lawmaker. House Republicans have also moved to censure Schiff, though the Thursday vote was delayed.