Mitt Romney Has A Secret Twitter Account, And One Reporter Says She Found It, Under The Name ‘Pierre Delecto’

Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney stood up on the floor of the Senate on Thursday, delivering a scathing attack on Donald Trump‘s decision to pull United States troops back from the Turkey-Syria border, making way for a Turkish military assault on the Kurdish people who live in the border region. In his speech, Romney called for hearings into Trump’s decision, that he characterized as “weak an inept,” according to Yahoo! News, and saying that green-lighting the Turkish assault on the Kurds would go down as “a bloodstain” on American history.

Trump took less than a full day to head to his Twitter account to strike back at Romney. As The Inquisitr reported, Trump posted a video that accused Romney of serving as a “Democrat secret asset” and calling on other Republicans to unite against Romney — the party’s 2012 presidential nominee — whom Trump called “slippery.”

The video followed a hashtag that Trump posted to Twitter earlier in October, #IMPEACHMITTROMNEY (Senators may not be impeached, under the U.S. Constitution).

Romney — who at 72-years-old is one year younger than Trump — appeared to shrug off Trump’s Twitter attacks, saying “That’s kind of what he does,” in an interview with The Atlantic magazine published online Sunday.

But Romney also served up a startling revelation of his own in the Atlantic profile. The first-term senator and former Massachusetts governor admitted that he maintains a “secret” Twitter account of his own.

Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked Mitt Romney on Twitter.

In the interview, Romney described himself as a “lurker,” who uses the anonymous Twitter account to “keep tabs” on the latest online political dialogue. But he refused to divulge the name of the Twitter account.

Within hours, however, a reporter for the news and culture site Slate found it. Or at least the reporter, Ashley Feinberg, found an account that bears numerous indicators that it belongs to Romney.

Perhaps the most telling such indicator, according to Feinberg, is that in 2011 when the account first appeared online, the first account that it followed belonged to Tagg Romney, the oldest of the Utah senator’s five children.

The second “follow,” according to Feinberg’s repointing, was Glen Johnson, an editor for the local site who covered the former Massachusetts governor, and was still “firmly on the Romney beat” in 2011 when Romney was initiating his presidential campaign.

For the account, Romney — if indeed the account belongs to Romney — uses the alias “Pierre Delecto.” And in another indication that the account is operated by Romney, the “Pierre Delecto” Twitter account identified by Feinberg locked down later on Sunday, leaving its tweets inaccessible, without an approved request for access.

UPDATE: Contacted on Sunday by Atlantic reporter McKay Coppins, Romney confirmed that the “Pierre Delecto” Twitter account is indeed his, Coppins wrote on Twitter.

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