Here’s How ‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Feels About Noura’s Lie

As those who have been watching Survivor: Island of the Idols know, every week one castaway has a special opportunity to head to island of the idols.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

When castaways arrive at the Island of the Idols, they see two huge statutes that resemble Survivor legends Sandra and Boston Rob. As The Inquisitr briefly covered in a piece last week, the castaways who have ventured to the Island of the Idols have made the decision to keep what’s hidden there a secret.

So, only those who have ventured there know of the Survivor style boot camp that’s waiting for them. In fact, last week some fans were a little frustrated the episode didn’t include how Vince Moua decided to spin the story of what is on the island.

As those who have watched this week’s episode know, however, things happened very differently. In fact, Noura’s challenge required her to discuss the Island of the Idols in order to get the advantage.

Boston Rob and Sandra, while feeding the castaway watermelon, challenged Noura to try to get her tribe to agree to let her be the “caller” at the next immunity challenge. This was when they explained exactly what type of challenge they would be participating in.

The whole thing was beneficial to her tribe as she could go back to camp and get everyone to practice. The problem? Her tribe really doesn’t like her. So, they were unlikely to consider her to be the boss of the immunity challenge.

Without hesitation, Noura jumped at the chance for the challenge and agreed to try to convince her tribe to let her be the caller. Boston Rob and Sandra later noted that Noura was likely going to run into problems, as she jumped at the challenge without even considering that it was something that could get her in trouble down the line.

Noura crafted a lie to try and convince her tribe.

In an effort to convince her tribe they needed to allow her to be the caller, Noura built a lie. She told her tribe that she learned what the next immunity challenge would be. Then, she claimed she could share this information if she was allowed to choose her role. While her tribe agreed to it, they quickly realized she wouldn’t be any good as the caller of the tribe. So, they gave her a huge slap in the face when they decided she should sit out of the competition entirely.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with host Jeff Probst to see what he thought about the lie she attempted to tell to get what she wanted.

“But regarding the execution of her idea… well, it’s easy to backseat drive… but in this case, I have a feeling Noura might even take the wheel herself. But oh man, it was fun to watch!” Jeff told the outlet in defense of the castaway.

In regards to how her tribe felt about the lie, Jeff didn’t believe Noura ever had a chance at becoming the caller. He explained that there were way too many holes in her story for her tribe members to believe it.

“There were other ways she could have maneuvered to be the caller, but the minute she told the tribe that story… she was done,” he explained.

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