Here’s What ‘Survivor’ Castaway Vince Moua Told Tribe About Island Of The Idols

As those who watched this week’s episode of Survivor may have noticed, the episode felt a little rushed.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, an ongoing complaint among fans of the CBS reality TV series is that the episodes are not nearly long enough. This, unfortunately, results in a lot of important details not making it into the episode. For example, Jeff Probst did not announce who left the tribe during last week’s tribal council as he usually does during every episode when the tribes reunite for the first competition following tribal.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

The episode also left fans in the dark regarding what Vince Moua revealed about the Island of the Idols.

Castaway Vince Moua made the dreaded mistake that no competitor ever wants to make. He left the game with an idol that could have saved him tucked in his pocket. Unfortunately for Vince, this is exactly what his tribe wanted to happen as they targeted him to force him to use the idol if he had it. Vince, however, had no idea he was on the chopping block. So, he sat calmly with his safety net tucked in his pocket.

One thing that didn’t happen during this week’s episode was the conversation after someone goes to Island of Idols. As those who have been watching this season know, none of the castaways who have ventured to Island of the Idols has come back and told the truth about what happened. While it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out, viewers continue to wonder when that’s going to happen. So, it was a bit off-putting when fans did not get to see what Vince did or did not share with his tribe members after returning from Island of the Idols.

Fortunately, Entertainment Weekly sat down with the evicted castaway to get the scoop. Did Vince finally spill the beans on what happens when you go to Island of the Idols? Or, did he continue to keep it a secret?

“I told them that I went to Island of the Idols and was presented with the game. And in this game I had to memorize five different sets of tiles with animals on them. So the five animals were the crab, the salamander, a bat, a shark, and a jellyfish. So I said I had to memorize five sets of these animals, and then remember all those sets in order and then find those sets at night in order on Island of the Idols and get them all lined up correctly,” Vince said as he explained the story he crafted for his fellow tribe members.

Vince concluded the story by noting he told his tribe he was not successful in his task. As a punishment, he claims he was forced to sleep on the ground with no form of shelter to protect him from the elements. Upon returning, he made his tribemates believe he had slept outside during the storm.

Speaking just to his core female alliance, Vince added that he also lost his vote as punishment. He hoped the extra information shared just to his alliance would earn him some points for his honesty. Unfortunately, it may have backfired.

Did Vince ever pull Elizabeth aside and talk privately about what actually happened on Island of the Idols?

“Immediately when I got back, Elizabeth was one of the first people to come to me,” Vince explained. While Vince proposed he and Elizabeth could work together moving forward since they shared this secret, the conversation didn’t progress much further before other members of their tribe intruded on their privacy. Vince explained that they just didn’t have enough time to have the conversation the way he wanted to.

New episodes of Survivor air every Wednesday only on CBS.

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