‘Survivor’ Castaway Chelsea Walker Learned Blindsides Aren’t As Fun As She Thought They Were

Anyone who watched this week’s episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols appreciated the irony of this week’s tribal council. Sandra (speaking to Rob after the eviction in their hidden room) may have been the first to acknowledge the irony when she noted the evicted castaway got the blindside she wanted.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

This week’s tribe council was a bit of a head spin. For the most part, it appeared as though Karishma was next on the chopping block. After all, most of her tribe mates were not happy with her. She had offered to do the puzzle portion of the competition multiple times. And, she’d failed. In fact, she was even called out during this tribe council and told not to promote herself as a puzzle master if she wasn’t any good at doing them.

There, however, is an all-girls alliance brewing within this tribe. Moreover, there are a few castaways that acknowledged that Karishma didn’t have anyone and could easily be a second vote if they were willing to pull her into an alliance. During one of her confessionals, Missy Byrd revealed it didn’t make sense to vote off Karishma when she could tuck her fell castaway in her back pocket to use as an extra vote for whatever she needed.

Ultimately, it was a blindsided Chelsea Walker that went home.

Similar to last week, Chelsea also left the game with an idol tucked in her pocket. When Entertainment Weekly caught up with Chelsea, one of the first questions asked was whether she ever considered using the idol. The former castaway admitted that she was focused on getting to the swap. She explained that she knew the idol would give her safety during a tribe swap. She truly believed she had nothing to worry about during this tribal council.

“All I wanted to do was just cry and I couldn’t even get tears out for that whole night because I was so shocked,” Walker added as she opened up about how it felt to get voted out of her tribe.

According to Chelsea, arriving at Ponderosa was hard for her as well. She recalled being met by the staff who offered to make her whatever she wanted to eat. She, however, was sick to her stomach because of the blindside and wasn’t interested in eating food. According to Chelsea, the previously evicted castaways were also shocked to see her.

She added, “That was honestly the worst feeling also just because, you know, I felt super, super close with Missy and Elizabeth especially, and then to get voted out by essentially everyone, you’re like, [d*mn.] It just really hurt. Not even from a game level, but a personal level.”

Chelsea also described the wait for the next castaway to be voted out as “torture.”

Also speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Probst admitted that he wasn’t completely sure why Walker was removed from her tribe. He didn’t believe the castaway was in a showmance. He, however, did believe her tribe members might have seen her blooming alliance as a threat.

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