'Sons of Anarchy' Director Talks Finale, There Is A Lot Of Mayhem To Be Had -- And A Lot Of Love

Spoiler Alert: Sons of Anarchy storyline spoilers are included in this article. If you do not wish to know anything about the finale, please stop reading here.

Sons of Anarchy fans know tonight is the night that it all comes to an end for SAMCRO. According to Director Paris Barclay, the finale is violent but also has plenty of love to go around.

Barclay tells Mashable that the SOA finale is special in that it incorporates the violence SOA is known for, but certain scenes will cause some an emotional reaction.

"I love the mood of it, which you're going to find is a little unusual. I love the feeling it encompasses. I think it's a fitting conclusion to this whole epic series... It has a couple of scenes in it which I found unwatchable without pausing and having a moment to break down."
And even if a fan got caught up in the major Sons of Anarchy spoiler that occurred late last week, Barclay tells Yahoo TV there are still plenty of reasons to tune in as one of the most popular series in cable TV history comes to a close.
"There are a lot of twists and turns on the road to the final song that's going to be sung in the show. Just knowing the actual outcome isn't really the story. What the story is, is how we get there."
Although fans who had the finale spoiled for them last week, whether intentionally or accidentally, may think the death of one particular character is going to be the focus of tonight's finale, according to what Barclay tells Mashable, that's not the case.
"A lot of people are going to meet Mr. Mayhem on Tuesday night -- a lot of people. So don't be expecting that everything you heard is the entire story because this is a very complicated finale story and there's going to be a lot of mayhem to be had."
In Barclay's opinion, the last five minutes of the Sons of Anarchy finale are comparable to the end of the TV series M*A*S*H and suggests the finale has a sense of finality to it that will leave no question of how the story of SAMCRO ends.
"It's not super fast-paced. It has some bursts of action, but primarily it has kind of a beautiful, mellow, almost like … I compare it to the finale of M*A*S*H in a way. It has almost an Adagio for Strings kind of quality to it, which I think is quite beautiful. I think it's a good and fitting and honoring conclusion to the story that Kurt and everybody has worked so hard to tell for seven years. I don't think it's trivial. I do think it is a period. It is not a question mark, it is not a dash, it ends with a period."
The Sons of Anarchy airs tonight, Dec. 9, at 10 p.m., EST on FX.

[Image courtesy of Byron Cohen/FX]