October 17, 2019
Horrifying Photos Show An Iowa Family's Basement Flooded With Blood

A family in Iowa came home to discover a sight so horrifying it looks like something that belongs in a horror movie. Nick Lestina, a father of five, discovered that five inches of animal blood had flooded into his basement, which holds his children's toys. Where did the blood come from? Lestina said the source of the blood is the meat locker right next door to him. The family had lived next door Dahl's Custom Meat Locker for ten years without issue until now, according to USA Today.

Lestina knew something was wrong on October 3 when he noticed a strange red liquid coming out of his sump pump. Now only a couple of weeks later, the blood which contains animal fat has completely flooded their entire basment. The Iowa Department of Public Health surveyed the situation and determined that the family's home is not safe to be lived in. They all had to move in with relatives until the situation can be resolved. However, it doesn't sound like they'll be getting to come home any time soon due to the fact that the house will have to be professional sanitized, and will likely need a new sump pump and water heater.

So how did the blood get in? It reportedly came in through a drain in the family's basement. The floor drain in their basement and the one that exists in the meat locker are likely connected to the same line. A clog in the line would have caused the blood drained in the meat locker to flow back through into the family's home causing this disasterous and disgusting mess.

Lestina wants Dahl's Custom Meat Locker to take accountablility and work with him to resolve the issue. He wants the issue to be solved without having to go to court.

"I just want to move back into my house. I'm not looking for a pity party. I just want them to take responsibility for what's been caused. I feel that's fair," he said.

Kaitlin Dahl of Dahl's Custom Meat Locker said that the company has full intention of helping out the family with the cleanup costs.

"We don't want to harm anybody. We're not bad people. We're trying to make a living, not enemies," she said.

It's typical for slaughter houses and meat locker companies to get criticism online for other reasons, particurally by animal protection activists. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Quality Pork Processors (QPP) in Austin, Minnesota came under fire for their brutally treatment of their animals before slaugter.