‘MSNBC’ Host Mika Flips Out Over Soda Ban Reversal

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski boiled over with anger when the NYC soda ban was reversed. The Morning Joe co-host accused soda makers of poisoning children. Mika’s rant against soda companies levied many strong accusations against the companies.

Mika Brzezinski’s angrily pointed wagged her finger in front of the Morning Joe cameras when lecturing the soda companies about making drinks which are not health conscious. The role of parents to restrict Junior from having a Big Gulp for breakfast did not play heavily in the MSNBC host’s soda ban rant.

Soda makers were not the only folks making Mika Brzezinski’s blood boil, movie theater operators also garnered some angst as well. Mika accused movie theaters of serving popcorn so laden with salt that they can kill people. She added that patrons sipping large drinks for two hours while watching a movie can become sick.

According to Morning Joe’s Mika, one day the government will be able to clamp down on the beverage industry just like was done with cigarette makers. When that day arrives, Mika feels that soda companies will finally be wearing a “black hat” as well.

The extremely irritated MSNBC host also vowed that legal action against companies that put salt, sugar, and “terrible” fats in food will continue. She feels such food and beverage makers are creating addictive products and will one day come crumbling down. The tens of thousands of American who make a living in the food and beverage industry likely hope Mika’s predictions do not come to pass.

The demand for sugary drinks and sweet treats prompts manufacturers to feel like they have to continue to make “poison” for adults and their children, according to Mika Brzezinski’s Morning Joe rant.

Before Mika ended her nearly 6-minute long tirade over the soda ban reversal, she once again called liquid sugar, and granular sugar poison.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg does not appear to be giving up the fight to regulate the drinks which NYC citizens can purchase. During a press conference after the soda ban reversal, he vowed to appeal the law large sugary drinks laws designed to protect people, from themselves.

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How do you feel about the government regulating what you can eat or drink?

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