Democrat Voices Support For Handgun Limits

Second Amendment

Democratic Representative Jim Moran from Virginia supports limits on handgun purchases. During a recent public meeting about gun violence, the politician refused to answer direct questions posed about a woman’s right for self-defense.

The politician spoke at length about his handgun views, but skirted at least one very direct question on the topic. Celia Bigelow, a young woman Piers Morgan referred to as one of the “gun girls” tried to get Jim Moran to answer a question about the personal safety needs of women, but the Virginia lawmaker refused.

Bigelow asked, “Why aren’t you pro-choice when it comes to self-defense for women?” Moran simply stated he was choosing to move onto the next question and passed on an opportunity to explain his views on handguns to female gun owners.

The Virginia Democrat was also recorded indicating that people who support gun rights and fear a gun ban are “paranoid.” Jim Moran said in one breath that the government does not have any plans to go after citizen’s handguns, but then appeared to offer support for such a gun control measure.

Moran said that he support laws that would limit handgun purchases to no more than one per month. The Virginia Democrat added that he felt such a gun control restriction was reasonable. Second Amendment advocacy groups will likely not support such a limitation on handguns and rally behind Jim Moran’s opponent the next time he runs for office.

The impact of such a handgun ban remains to be seen. A husband could buy a handgun, so could his wife, and another relative – and then give them all to the husband who wanted to buy three guns at once in the first place.

The gun control debate has created a stampeded into gun stores across the country. Ammunition is becoming scarce in many locations. Guns themselves, the AR-15 in particular, are becoming very difficult to find. Gun manufacturers have not been able to keep up with the demand since President Barack Obama unveiled his gun control agenda.

What do you think about Jim Moran’s gun control and handgun comments?

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