Jaclyn Smith, 73, Shows Off Killer Legs In Hot Pink Skater Dress & Sky-High Heels

Jaclyn Smith does not age. The original Charlie’s Angels star posted a new photo to Instagram that left fans wondering how she stays so looking young at age 73 –and how she can still work those high heels.

In a new photo, Smith, who has a birthday later this month, posed in a hot pink skater dress from her clothing line. But it was her shoes—and her incredibly toned legs—that really caught fans’ attention. In the pic, Smith is wearing super-high two-toned pink pumps as she stands on a patio, and her muscular calves are on full display.

Fans hit the comments section to remark on the “ageless beauty” who first graced TV screens back in 1976 when she played Kelly Garrett on the hit ABC detective drama, Charlie’s Angels.

“The elegant Jaclyn Smith,” one fan wrote.

“Girl is still looking sharp!” another added.

“Omg Kelly is serving looks!!!! Loving it from head to toe,” a third fan chimed in.

“Love,” another follower wrote. “Now long can you stand in those beautiful high heels?”

This is not the first time Smith has wowed Instagram fans with a killer pose. Earlier this year, the gorgeous grandma posed in a red minidress as she teased a new project.

You can see Jaclyn Smith’s stunning new Instagram photo below.


As for the secrets to Smith’s still-stunning shape, it doesn’t hurt that she’s a former ballet dancer, which also helps explain those toned legs. The 73-year-old star revealed in an interview with Better Nutrition earlier this year that she also swears by working with a personal trainer.

“I like to work out in the morning. …I’m better and stronger at the beginning of the day. And working out with my trainer, I think, makes me much better. Because you tend to say to yourself, ‘Okay, I’m gonna do five (reps) instead of 10.’ When my trainer is there, the phones are turned off and it’s devoted attention to her. It’s important to say, this is my turn and I’m gonna work out for an hour.”

Smith added that when she works out, she does it for her brain as well as her body, and she said she feels people need to work out at least three times a week as they get older.

The brunette beauty added that she also eats a healthy diet and doesn’t drink or smoke, but she also allows herself to splurge on burgers and pizza once in a while. Smith also revealed that a “balance” of work and family life keeps her young at heart.

Smith is a mother to two adult children, Gaston and Spencer Margaret, with her ex-husband Tony Richmond. She has been married to Houston cardiothoracic surgeon Brad Allen for more than 20 years. The actress and businesswoman is also a proud grandmother to two young granddaughters.

Based on her new Instagram photo, everything Smith is doing seems to be working for her.