Hannah Godwin Dishes On Wedding Date & Dylan Barbour’s ‘Weirdest’ Habit

Hannah Godwin decided to make the most out of the half-hour she had before catching a flight to Nashville. She opened up her Instagram stories for questions from fans and ended up revealing information on her and Dylan Barbour’s relationship.

“When are you and Dylan getting married,” asked a fan.

“Wawww so many ppl asking haha,” noted Hannah.

“Won’t start talking dates for another year or so! we wanna enjoy just being in as normal of a relationship as possible.”

Although Hannah and Dylan’s fans are likely wishing the two would get married sooner rather than later, it looks like Bachelor Nation will have to wait longer for the pair to get officially hitched.

Another fan asked a personal question about her fiancé.

“Dylan’s weirdest habit,” the follower inquired.

“He did this thing for a while where I would be sleeping (and I’m a super peaceful sleeper) and he thought I wasn’t breathing so he would constantly check to make sure I’m breathing when really I’m just like sleeping, you know??” revealed Godwin.

“@dylanbarbour are you glad I didn’t share your other weird habit?? Lol,” she added, using a smaller font.

It’s hard to know what his other weird habits could be. Maybe Hannah will tell her fans about it in the near future. For now, we can only guess.

The couple met during the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise when Dylan appeared to fall head over heels for Hannah in a relatively quick period of time. Fans were treated to an on-air engagement during the season finale as Dylan got down on one knee. Hannah gave him a resounding “yes,” and the two have been sharing their relationship with fans on social media ever since.

Three days ago, Hannah shared a series of photos and clips that showed the pair wearing different wigs during a lakeside Fourth of July party. The reality TV star joked about how the pair had to hide their relationship to avoid spoilers.

The second video showed Hannah wearing a bright red wig with small bangs. Dylan, on the other hand, opted for a blond wig, which he pulled into a low bun.

A final video showed the two strolling down a sidewalk, as they were apparently trying to hide their true identities. Hannah wore a wig with a black baseball cap and dark sunglasses. Dylan didn’t wear a wig, however, and only masked his face with sunglasses and a pink hat.

Fans can look forward to more updates from Hannah and Dylan in the coming weeks, as their engagement seems to be going well so far.

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