Reading Constitution At Rally Causes Gun Forfeiture And Arrest

A New Jersey mother read the Constitution at a rally and was later arrested and told to turn in her guns. Eileen Hart was charged with making terroristic threats for her tax dispute assembly reading of America’s founding document.

Eileen Hart, her husband Keith, and their young daughter attended the tax dispute rally at the Gloucester Community Center over the weekend. The event was help over the controversy spurred by a mandatory residential property tax re-evaluation. The Hart family maintains that the procedure would results in her property value doubling, resulting in far steeper tax rates.

The New Jersey woman, an Orthodox Jew, refused to allow the home inspectors inside while her husband was away at work. She also objected to the property re-evaluation because she had not renovated her kitchen in three decades and had no plans to ever move from the home.

During the tax dispute rally, Eileen Hart was told by officials that since she did not allow the inspectors into the home on the day they just happened to show up, the government had the right to merely assume the value of the residence.

During an interview with The Blaze, Hart asked how the state could simply assume her home had doubled in value when there had been zero growth in the local housing market. The New Jersey woman began citing a portion of the Constitution to an Appraisal Systems, Inc. representative. The man who had been contracted by the state to do the home appraisals, alleged “freaked out” and called for aid from local tax assessor Robyn Glocker-Hammond.

The New Jersey tax assessor allegedly told Hart to “sit down and shut up.” Glocker-Hammond also supposedly told the woman that she was at the meeting to enforce the law. The Orthodox Jew stated that the tax assessor has no badge and is not a police officer. The public servant also allegedly stated that she did not work for her (Eileen Hart) during the verbal confrontation.

Government Over-Reach

The appraiser supposedly moved towards Hart in a manner which the woman felt threatening. She told the man not to touch her, when he allegedly reached out and touched her coat. The Appraisal Systems representative allegedly ran after the Hart family in the parking lot and wrote down their license plate number.


When the New Jersey family returned home, they were greeted with a host of police lights. The officers stated they did not have a warrant for her arrest, but asked if she would come in for questioning. Eileen claims she was not permitted to ride to the police station with her husband but was forced to travel in a police car instead.

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As the matter was discussed at the police station, Hart was reportedly informed that the appraiser told officers that she had yelled and threatened to return to the meeting with a gun. Hart noted in her formal statement that she did not use a single curse word, raise her voice, or utter a word about a gun.

The New Jersey woman who read the Constitution at the meeting was ultimately handcuffed to a chair and charged with making terroristic threats. Eileen Hart does not have a criminal history and homeschools her daughter.

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The woman was also reportedly told that if she refused to turn over her guns for “safekeeping” her bail would be set extremely high and she could be held indefinitely. She decided to turn over her two guns so that she could go home to her daughter.

Eileen Hart, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, recalls well her parent’s stories about invasions of property and massive gun registration after Hitler invaded Poland. Hart has reportedly hired a renowned attorney to fight the charges stemming from reading a citation from the Constitution at a public meeting. The appraiser’s company is withholding comment until all the facts in the case are known.

What do you think about the New Jersey woman getting charged with making terroristic threats after reading the Constitution at a public meeting?

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