Wendy Williams Weighs In On ‘RHOA’ Beef

Dominik Bindl Getty Images

Television personality Wendy Williams is known for her passion for gossip, particularly about celebrities, which she discusses on her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show. Most recently, the television host revealed her take on the drama going on involving the reality television show Real Housewives of Atlanta.

This particular drama involves NeNe Leakes, one of Williams’ long time friends, and Leakes co-star, Kenya Moore. It wasn’t difficult to tell whose side Williams is on when she discussed the issue on-air, according to Page Six.

During Friday’s episode of Williams popular talk show, she discussed the ongoing drama between Leakes and Moore. Williams emphasized that she believes Leakes is the queen of the franchise and can’t be beat, not even by Moore.

“NeNe was the queen of the franchise. NeNe took some time off … then Kenya has been a star on the show since she first got on the show. I mean, they should’ve given her the peach after the first episode. Kenya’s now gunning for that NeNe money. NeNe is the queen of the franchise. I’m invested with you [the audience], that’s it. I’ve told you guys this all along: I’m on nobody’s payroll, please! I go out when I want, I say what I want, I check in with people to get the proper answers.”

Williams didn’t explicitly discuss the details of the argument going on between Moore and Leakes, but did suggest that Moore could be after Leakes’ hefty paycheck and fame.

The television host also brought up the fact that Moore recently called Leakes a bully. Williams texted Leakes to get her response to the comment, but didn’t get an answer while on air.

Meanwhile, Williams appears to finally be thriving after her own intense personal drama this past year. Williams and her husband of over two decades, Kevin Hunter, are officially split up and in the process of going through a complex divorce. Williams’ decision to end things with Hunter came after months of rumors surrounding her marriage regarding infidelity on the part of Hunter.

While she was initially silent regarding the rumors, she finally decided that enough was enough in April when the news broke that Hunter welcomed a baby girl with his mistress. This was considered the straw that finally broke the camel’s back for Williams, who filed for divorce and fired Hunter as the executive producer of her show.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams is dating someone new, and she already introduced him to her staff.