Georgia May Jagger's Beauty Tips: Why You Need A Toothbrush For Your Lips

Georgia May Jagger's gap-toothed smile might be her most famous feature, but the daughter of Mick Jagger also has some incredibly lush lips framing her Chiclets.

You might not be able to make your pout look like exactly like Georgia's unless you were born with large lips or share Kylie Jenner's talent for coloring with lip liner. However, the model does have some great beauty tips for how to make your lips look their best no matter how big they are.

During an interview with Style, Georgia May Jagger revealed that she's a big fan of red lipstick. Some women have a hard time wearing the vibrant color because it bleeds and won't stay put, but Jagger has a special application method that keeps her pout looking bright all night. Her neat trick involves using a toothbrush in a totally different way.

"I usually have a toothbrush that's just for my lips, so I'll use that to exfoliate. You can even use brown sugar or a hot flannel [washcloth]. I'll do that, put a little lip balm on it, and blot it. If I want [the color] to stay on for a really long time, I'll do a liner underneath and go over it with a matte lipstick. The exfoliating stops it from going into the creases of your mouth, like over the night as you drink and stuff."

Georgia May prefers using her finger to apply lipstick, instead of slathering it on straight from the tube. She starts in the middle of her lip, dabs the color on starting in the middle of her lip, and works out to the edges. Jagger's favorite shade of red is one that's very bright with a hint of orange.

The model's toothbrush trick isn't her only unusual makeup application secret. During an interview with Vogue, Georgia May revealed that she likes to use old mascara because it's easier to layer.

"The new Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam has this crazy brush that goes in and out like an hourglass. It separates the lashes but isn't too wet, so you can keep applying it. Often, I hang on to a tube for a while, because I like it when it dries out, so you can [layer on] a lot. Thick mascara is definitely one of my favorite looks."

Just keep in mind that old mascara can harbor nasty bacteria. According to WebMD, you should replace your mascara tube every three to four months. Your tube of red lipstick should stay safe to use for about a year.

Georgia May's lipstick application method is all about keeping her lip color in place, and those layers of dry mascara have to be hard to wash off. So what does the blonde bombshell do when she wants to take off makeup that's difficult to remove?

According to the Just Cavalli model, natural oil is the answer. She uses oil to get rid of any makeup that her regular makeup remover leaves behind, and she also likes to use it as a body moisturizer. Jagger revealed some of her favorite oils to slather on.

"I'll use coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil—those things. I also like Clarins face oil."

Georgia May's oily beauty tips are great for the winter months, when many women suffer from dryness. If you need more advice on how to care for your skin when it's cold outside, the Inquisitr recently shared a list of great winter skincare tips.

What do you think of Georgia May Jagger's beauty tips? Will you be testing out her red lipstick application method during the holidays?

[Image via Jezebel]