Sean Spicer Says Donald Trump Has An 'Army' Of Supporters Who 'Will Do Everything To Protect Him'

In an interview broadcast on Saturday, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that President Donald Trump has an "army" of supporters who will "do everything to protect him," Mediaite reports.

Spicer went on Fox News' Cavuto Live to discuss Trump's rhetorical style and re-election chances.

When asked by host Neil Cavuto whether he ever told Trump to tone down his rhetoric, Spicer responded that he has, but argued that Trump "generally was right" to use inflammatory rhetoric, because it helps galvanize his base of supporters.

Spicer explained that Trump's aggressive rhetoric is part of a strategy meant to ensure that the base remains energized, and willing to vote and campaign for the commander-in-chief.

"You need an intensified base that is going to go out there through thick and thin, that is going to campaign for you, put up that yard sign, make the eight extra phone calls," he said.

The former White House press secretary then added that Trump has an "army" of supporters willing to do whatever it takes to protect him if necessary.

According to Spicer, Trump "has created this army of folks on the right that will do everything to protect him."

"That's much better than having a loose base with a bunch of folks at the top that are kind of with you," he said.

Praising Trump's strategy, Spicer explained that galvanizing conservative voters helped the president win against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

According to the former White House press secretary, Trump was told "you can't do it like this," but prevailed and won.

"He did it, he pushed aside all of the political pundits, all of the experts, and he won. And he won with states that we hadn't won since '88."
As Mediaite notes, it remains unclear what Spicer believes Trump's metaphorical army would be willing to do, but those close to the president -- and even the commander-in-chief himself -- have suggested that impeachment could lead to civil war.

Fox News, where Spicer appeared to discuss Trump's so-called army, recently equated protests at a Trump rally to the civil war.

Although Trump's loyal base may stand by him despite the fact that the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives has launched a formal impeachment inquiry over his allegedly inappropriate contacts with Ukraine, the majority of the American public does not.

According to a new poll, 51 percent of Americans want Trump both impeached and removed from office, and an additional four percent would like to see him impeached, but not removed.

New polling suggests that there has been a dramatic shift in public sentiment, with more voters than ever -- including Republicans -- reporting that they believe the president should be impeached.