Anquan Boldin Shocked By Trade

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl hero Anquan Boldin is shocked that he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers. The trade sends Boldin from the team he won the Super Bowl with, the to the team he beat.

The Anquan Boldin drama started after the Super Bowl when he said if the Ravens cut him he would retire. The Ravens wanted to restructure Boldin’s contract to ease salary cap stress, especially after making Joe Flacco the highest paid payer in NFL history.

It was then reported Boldin refused to take a pay cut. Entering the final year of his contract he was set to make six million dollars. Baltimore wanted to change it to four million. Joe Flacco, never afraid to speak his mind, came out in support of Boldin.

The Ravens acted quickly and traded Boldin to the 49ers for a sixth round draft pick.

It should be no surprise Anquan Boldin is shocked. He didn’t even know he was traded until he landed in Africa for charity work and checked his phone. It was packed with text messages congratulating him.

Despite his shock, Boldin took the high road when talking to ESPN producer Ashely Robinson, who is traveling with him. He tells her, “When I look at the organization and what they’re about … and as a football team, the talent that they have … I think it’s good, a good place for me to be.”

Anquan Boldin also took time to thank his fans via Twitter. He thanked them for their support and addressed his surprise at the trade, but kept it positive. By showing respect and not lashing out against the Ravens, Boldin made himself look like the classy professional the 49ers organization loves.

Here are Boldin’s tweets to fans:

While Anquan Boldin sounds shocked, he seems humbled and sincerely grateful for his time in Baltimore. The trade won’t become official until Boldin takes a physical, but thats usually nothing more than a formality in sports.

Are you as shocked as Anquan Boldin that he was traded to the 49ers?