Firefighter Rescued Bear Cubs Left On The Roadside

Long Creek, SC – A volunteer firefighter rescued three bear cubs left on the roadside in a cardboard box. South Carolina firefighter Brandon Poole thought he had happened across an abandoned box of puppies until he got closer to the container.

As the firefighter approached the cardboard box, he heard squealing. Poole then thought maybe someone had dropped off some piglets next to the roadway. Imagine the firefighter’s surprise when he got close enough to reach inside the cardboard box and discovered three little baby bears.

Although Poole’s daughter begged to keep the adorable and seemingly cuddly bear cub, the South Carolina firefighter took his lively find to the Department of natural Resources. Two of the baby bears were sent to the Appalachian Bear Rescue of Tennessee. The third bear found a forever home at Charles Town Landing in Charleston.

Heather Ripley, a representative from the Appalachian Bear Rescue, stated during an interview with Fox News that the bear cubs were too you to even stand up. Crawling was reportedly still a daunting task for the abandoned bear cubs found by the firefighter.

Benny and Jerry were the names given to the abandoned bear cubs that were relocated to the Tennessee rescue. The little fur balls weight less than three-pounds each. Staffers are currently hand-feeding the bear cubs that were abandoned along the side of the road. Once the little bears are strong enough and large enough, they will be released back into the wild.

When Benny and Jerry are older, they will transition to their release date after living in a wild enclosure. Appalachian Bear Rescue workers will have less and less contact with the bears as they get closer to being released. Prior to regaining their freedom, they will have no human contact at all.

Charles Town Landing officials are not currently releasing any information about the bear cub sent to Charleston. Park staffers did confirm that the facility did receive one of the abandoned bear cubs.

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How do you think the three little bears wound up on the side of the road in South Carolina?

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