‘The Challenge’ Stars Cara Maria Sorbello And Paulie Calafiore Admit They Didn’t Actually Break Up


The Challenge veterans Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello admitted that their break-up earlier this week was actually a lie and that things have been going just fine for the couple. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Paulie admitted to his fans in an Instagram live that he and Cara had split up and that it was a “long time coming.” News of the break-up shocked stans of the couple and many took to Twitter to express their frustrations.

“It’s been a long time coming but Cara and I have decided that it’s probably best that we go our separate ways and are friends,” Paulie claimed in the video. “We have the utmost respect and wish her all the best. I hope that you guys can be mindful that these are two people going through real emotions right now.”

In a new video, however, Paulie said he and Cara wanted to bring awareness to what they called “cancel culture” and said they had to “troll the trolls.” The couple stated that their cast members did not know the breakup was fake either.

“We had to troll the trolls a little bit, even if the trolls were some of our [The Challenge] castmates,” Paulie said in a new video according to People. “We just wanted to bring light to the ‘cancel culture’ that exists nowadays. We want to start to make steps in the right direction of just being more positive online and trying to inspire other people to be more positive.”

Georgia Harrison was one co-star who wasn’t totally buying the breakup. The two-time Challenge castmember posted a video of what appears to be Paulie and Cara together after their breakup was announced. Although it’s hard to tell what’s going on in the video, Georgia’s caption suggests that everything was going just fine for the duo.

While Georgia confirmed the couple was still together, she also claimed that Cara and Paulie have an “open relationship.” The idea of an open relationship was discussed during the couple’s very public breakup last year when the Big Brother alum was apparently seeing The Bachelor star Danielle Maltby on the side. Cara and Paulie’s split was all over the blogs but the two eventually reconciled and things have reportedly been good ever since.

Some fans are still questioning whether or not the fake break-up is also fake, meaning the duo really is done for good. An insider on The Challenge Vevmo page claims Paulie and Cara looked very uncomfortable with one another at the War of the Worlds 2 reunion taping last week in the United Kingdom. The insider made this judgment based on the pair’s body language, and that call seemed to be confirmed when Paulie announced their split on Monday.

Fans will have to stay tuned to Paulie and Cara’s social media accounts to determine for themselves whether or not the duo is really together or not.