Demi Burnett Addresses Split Rumors Regarding ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Engagement To Kristian Haggerty

Demi Burnett and her girlfriend Kristian Haggerty got engaged during the Season 6 finale of Bachelor in Paradise, but some fans have been speculating about the current state of their relationship. While Demi and Kristian did post some photos on Instagram showing them together right after the finale, they haven’t done any of that lately. In an effort to quell any speculation, Demi chatted a bit about her engagement earlier this week as she embraced a fashion-related gig in New York.

Burnett talked with Us Weekly while in New York to participate in the first DICK’S Sporting Goods fashion show. Demi said that she and Kristian are still engaged and doing just fine, and she added that it’s not really anybody else’s business what’s going on between them.

The Bachelor in Paradise star noted that everybody’s relationship is different and that they both have a lot going on individually these days. As Burnett was in NYC for this event, it seems that Haggerty was spending time in Florida.

“Just because we don’t broadcast it doesn’t mean that we’re not together,” Demi insisted.

Demi did move from her native Texas to California after doing The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, but she’s not living with Kristian. Burnett noted that she’s currently living in San Fernando Valley while Haggerty is in West Hollywood. The BIP star noted that’s not a great distance apart, and she shared that they spend plenty of time together.

The Bachelor in Paradise star said that she thinks it’s important that they both have some space right now, and she added that they are just working on developing a “normal, very solid, steady relationship.” As The Inquisitr detailed during the season, Demi and Kristian did have some challenges to work through in terms of openness and affection, and it certainly could be that this is still a work in progress.

There is no rush to start planning a wedding, either, Demi details. She says that rushing everything wouldn’t result in a steady relationship for her, and she just wants to proceed at a steady pace.

“We’re definitely just dating right now. There’s so much going on for both of us that it’s like, ‘Oh, planning a wedding right now just sounds so intense.’ So we’re definitely taking it slow and just enjoying our time together.”

Will Demi and Kristian’s engagement last? Unlike the other engaged couples from Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, these two had already been dating before filming in Mexico so that probably gives them an edge over some of the other pairs.

Based on activity in the comments and likes on their Instagram posts, it does seem that these two still totally enamored with one another and connected with other Bachelor in Paradise stars. Despite any rumors to the contrary, at least for now, it seems that Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty are still together and just doing things their own way.

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