‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Demi Burnett Is Stressed Over Relationship With Kristian Haggerty

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that Monday night’s episode will contain plenty of drama as all of the Season 6 couples face difficult decisions. Demi Burnett has managed to stay out of the fray since her girlfriend Kristian Haggerty arrived in Mexico, but a new sneak peek suggests that even this pair may face some rocky moments that could threaten their relationship.

ET Online shares the new sneak peek showing what’s behind these seemingly sudden issues. Demi explains that she feels as if Kristian is being very flirty with the other girls down in Mexico, and it’s getting to her.

The clip shows Kristian being very friendly and touchy-feely with others like Tayshia Adams, Katie Morton, and Kristina Schulman. Demi says it leaves her feeling as if Kristian may be more interested in these others than she is in her.

As the clip continues, Demi does get a bit introspective. She admits that she is still trying to get to a place where she feels comfortable being openly affectionate with Kristian around others. The Bachelor in Paradise star says she has a fear that others may think that it’s “weird,” but she adds that this is an area where she is actively working to do better.

Demi goes on to acknowledge that perhaps Kristian is being so friendly with the other ladies because she’s craving or missing physical affection from Demi herself. It looks as if she will pull Kristian aside to talk with her alone, seeking to work through this.

Will this incident lead to lasting trouble for Demi and Kristian? Based on Bachelor in Paradise spoilers previously shared by The Inquisitr, it doesn’t sound as if this will continue to be an issue.

Spoiler guru Reality Steve has said that during the finale episode, Demi and Kristian get engaged. In fact, he claims that they will appear on the reunion show, and will share that they are still together. In addition, Reality Steve says, Kristian proposes to Demi during the reunion show since Demi is the one who proposes in Mexico.

ABC teases that the drama with Demi and Kristian will air during Monday’s episode. As Demi’s frustration grows, it appears that Kristian may be fairly oblivious to her girlfriend’s worries. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that they’ll receive a date card that may give them the much-needed chance to reconnect.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise airs both Monday and Tuesday this week, and it appears that the pre-taped reunion show will air on Tuesday, September 17. Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty’s relationship is generating a lot of buzz, and spoilers tease that they’re still going strong post-filming.

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