Halle Berry’s Dress On ‘Leno’ Makes Jay Drool [Video]

Halle Berry’s dress on The Tonight Show proved to be a bit of a distraction for Jay Leno.

Berry was on the show to promote her new movie The Call as well as the upcoming X-Men movie. But all Jay wanted to talk about was Berry’s cleavage… I mean, dress.

And that wasn’t the only Hally Berry dress that had Jay drooling.

The Oscar winner also talked about the skimpy black metallic dress that she wore to the Oscars and the orange bikini she wore in the James Bond movie Die Another Day.

Berry said: “I wanted to go to the Oscars looking like a Bond girl … I felt like I was wearing a Ferrari.”

Jay, who couldn’t help himself from making some suggestive jokes, said: “I love driving a Ferrari. Can you drive a stick shift? I mean a manual transmission.”

Berry replied: “Yes, very well.”

Berry started talking about James Bond’s 50th anniversary but Jay quickly moved the conversation onto another topic: Halle Berry coming out of the water in To Die Another Day.

In case you don’t remember, this is the scene Jay is talking about.

halle berry

Berry said: “I enjoyed that role, being a part of the franchise … I had to do that scene about 15 times.”

After Jay fawned over Berry for a few minutes, the two moved on to the real business at hand: Halle’s latest projects. The actress will be staring in a new thriller called The Call and also confirmed that she would be reprising her role as Storm in the new X-Men movie.

Berry said: “I don’t think I’ve really said it before. It’s a great role, and those residual checks don’t hurt! It’s a character I love…and I’d love to get back with Hugh [Jackman] and everybody.”

Here’s the video of Halle Berry, and her dress, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.