October 9, 2019
Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Finn Voices Doubts About Hayden's Honesty

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Thursday, October 10, hint that Finn will open up to his brother Chase about Hayden. Viewers know that Hayden is hiding a very big secret from her former fiance, and people are anxious to see this revealed.

In the sneak peek for Thursday's show, Finn will meet up with Chase. While these two brothers had a very rocky relationship when they first crossed paths in Port Charles, they have grown closer, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Finn will lean on his brother as he works through some uncertainty.

Hayden has a little girl that is presumably Finn's, but he doesn't know she exists. When Hayden left Port Charles and her romance with Finn a couple of years ago, she led him to believe she had suffered a miscarriage and lost their baby. Fans have known for some time now that she lied, but Finn remains in the dark.

Earlier this week, Hayden slipped, and it looks as if Finn keeps tossing this around in his mind. He overheard her saying goodbye to her daughter on the phone, using a pet name, and he asked who was on the other end of the call. Hayden scrambled and said it was her dog, but it doesn't seem that Finn was necessarily convinced.

Finn mentioned this to Jax, who knows about the little girl but tried to play dumb. Hayden fantasized about telling Finn the truth and reuniting with him, but for now, she insists she cannot come clean.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Hayden and Finn will cross paths once again during Thursday's show. As has often been the case lately, the encounter will be an awkward one. These two obviously still have strong feelings for one another, but he's currently engaged to Anna.

Anna has been out of town for months now, which really only has complicated this Finn situation. General Hospital spoilers have teased that actress Finola Hughes, who portrays Anna, will be back in the thick of things again soon. However, it's not known yet when her first return scenes will air.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Finn will tell Chase that he suspects that Hayden isn't being fully honest with him. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that Finn really has any idea what it is his former fiancee is lying about. If he knew his child was alive, he wouldn't be wasting any time confronting Hayden.

At some point, Hayden will have to tell Finn the truth. She plans to stay in Port Charles now, and she certainly isn't going to leave her toddler daughter in someone else's care permanently. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers appear to signal that she'll keep this secret for a while yet.

Actor Michael Easton told ABC Soaps in Depth that he knows the writers have a plan, but he does wish that Hayden had hit Finn with this bombshell some time ago.

"I'm sure the writers have a great plan and there's good stuff to come... but for selfish reasons, I wish Hayden had come back and just turned Finn's life upside-down."
Based on that wording, it sounds as if Easton is currently in the dark regarding how and when Finn learns about his daughter with Hayden. Fans are quite anxious to see this revealed, but for now, it seems they'll have to hang tight and stay tuned until additional General Hospital spoilers emerge.