October 9, 2019
A Trump Supporter Allegedly Pulled A Gun On A Woman With An Elizabeth Warren Bumper Sticker On Her Car

A woman with an Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker on her car says that a man with a Donald Trump bumper sticker on his car pulled a gun on her, The Smoking Gun reports.

On Monday, the victim was driving through the northwestern Minnesota city of Moorhead when a man pulled up beside her and rolled down his window. The man allegedly began yelling about his disapproval over the woman sporting an Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker on her car, and then pointed to a Donald Trump bumper sticker on his own car.

The man then allegedly pulled in front of the woman and displayed a handgun. The woman called 911.

Police arrived on the scene to sort things out. Searching the suspect's car, they allegedly found a loaded handgun in the vehicle's center console. What's more, police interviewed a passenger in the suspect's car, and they allegedly confirmed what had happened.

Police arrested Joseph Schumacher, 27, and charged him with two counts of felony terroristic threats and misdemeanor charges for having a loaded handgun inside a vehicle without a permit, as Fargo's KVLY-TV reports.

The Independent notes that Moorhead straddles the border between Minnesota and North Dakota, and that there's a stark political difference between the two states. Minnesota's electoral votes went to Hillary Clinton in 2016, while North Dakota's went to Donald Trump, and by a significant 62 percent margin.

As for Schumacher, some digging around his social media presence reveals that he is describes himself as "die hard Republican."

"I rock the Trump Pence bumper sticker, wear a MAGA hat everyday where I am judged and blatantly harassed multiple times a week by Dems," he wrote in a Facebook post.

In another, he wrote, "Everyone has their own opinion and I respect that."

As it turns out, violence between Trump supporters and his detractors is not particularly uncommon. For example, Trump rallies have descended into violence before, with the opposing sides sometimes engaging in fisticuffs, or as was the case in San José, California, recently, vandalism.

Indeed, bumper stickers have inspired violence when it comes to Donald Trump as well. Back in August 2018, as reported at the time by The Inquisitr, a Massachusetts woman allegedly became enraged at a fellow motorist sporting a pro-Donald Trump bumper sticker on his car. The woman allegedly screamed at him, called him a racist, rammed her car into his, and then drove off, missing hitting the driver by inches.