October 9, 2019
Peter Weber Injury Update: 'The Bachelor' Star Doing Okay, Reality Steve Says Filming Won't Be Impacted

The Bachelor is currently filming the new season that will debut in January. On Tuesday, news emerged that lead Peter Weber was injured and taken to the hospital. Initial reports made this sound like a potentially serious issue, but now some updates have provided some clarifications that will relieve anxious fans.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Peter's injury happened in Costa Rica. He seemingly misstepped while holding a couple of glasses and getting onto a golf cart, and he received cuts on his face. That injury led to a lengthy drive to a hospital a couple of hours away and 22 stitches.

This initially led many to wonder what would happen with filming, as only around half of Peter's journey has happened at this point. He is down to about a dozen women. Episode 5 is currently being filmed in Costa Rica.

The Bachelor spoiler king Reality Steve has shared some additional details via Twitter Tuesday evening.

"Update on Peter injury. Hasn't delayed filming. Dates in Costa Rica started today meaning episode #5 rose ceremony will be on Friday."
While Peter was quickly taken to the hospital on Tuesday, now it seems he's jumping right back into things and ready to move forward. Getting 22 stitches in his face sounds like a big deal, but all signs point toward The Bachelor star pulling through this scary incident without too much trouble.After The Bachelor host Chris Harrison shared an update via his Instagram page, ABC executive Robert Mills shared the post and added his own comic note via his Twitter page.
"One quick addendum to Harrison's update: the role of Peter Weber is now being played by Jake Pavelka."
Of course, The Bachelor fans remember that Jake was a lead early on in the franchise and he was also a pilot, like Peter. However, Jake's season has not exactly gone down as a favorite among fans and the snark over the idea of having Jake take Peter's place isn't lost on any long-time fans.

Harrison's Instagram post prompted some other comments on the Peter situation from those familiar to franchise fans. Former The Bachelor producer Elan Gale quipped that he had heard that Chris attacked Peter with a spork, and Elan said he was set on believing this version of events.

Chris was quick to reply to Elan's comment, saying that Peter started it by trying to steal his pudding pack. Dean Unglert, who seemingly found love with Caelynn Miller-Keyes last summer on Bachelor in Paradise, noted that he was concerned about Chris trying to eat pudding with a spork.

That type of banter continued within the Instagram comment thread, and light-hearted joking would seem to signal that Peter truly is fine. Unfortunately, Peter can't share any updates via social media himself at this point, as he's required to stay offline until filming is finished.

The Bachelor fans will certainly be anxious to see some photos or video clips of Peter post-injury to see for themselves that he's fine. The new season debuts in January and it sounds as if it's going to be quite the wild ride.