Reports of Haiti earthquake damage harrowing, chaotic

Despite the wall-to-wall coverage of the earthquake in Haiti and ensuing destruction, reports out of the country are chaotic and the death toll has not been estimated.

One frequently re-tweeted post on Twitter by journalist Ann Curry indicates that all hospitals in Port-au-Prince have been abandoned or have collapsed:

Doctors Without borders says ALL hospitals in Haiti’s Port au Prince area have either collapsed or been abandoned.

Another terrifying tweet being passed around indicates that the death toll is likely to be very high, and suggests medical assistance is nowhere to be found in the destroyed city:

dead bodies are everywhere i havent seen one ambulance or any proffesionl med care anywhere in port-au-prince


The Prime Minister of Haiti estimates a death toll in the hundreds of thousands. Doctors Without Borders says 800 members are currently unaccounted for, and initial reports indicate Haiti’s main prison has collapsed, freeing many inmates. United Nations mission chief in Haiti Hedi Annabi was likely among a number of UN staff who perished in the quake or aftermath.