WWE News: During Arrest For DWI, Jeff Hardy Claims He Was Bloodied From Fighting With His Wife

The Hardy Boyz are one of the most popular tag teams in WWE history, but their story isn't without its share of troubles. The Inquisitr recently reported that Jeff Hardy had been arrested again over the weekend, the wrestler allegedly driving while intoxicated. However, it appears that there is much more to this story. Police are now saying that at the time of his arrest, Hardy claims he was bloodied due to an earlier fight with his wife.

Jeff Hardy has been out of WWE action since May of this year, after suffering a knee injury. That turn of events came after the Hardy Boyz had won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship and appeared to be in line for a pretty big push. Then, that push came to a screeching halt.

Since that time, Matt Hardy has also been almost entirely missing from WWE programming as well. Jeff is rumored to be in line for a return to the ring sometime in November, but that has not yet been confirmed.

Despite WWE commenting that Jeff is responsible for his own actions, it isn't known if they will be disciplining him for his latest arrest. That is especially true now that recent reports are surfacing suggesting the possibility of domestic violence between the wrestler and his wife.

According to TMZ Sports, North Carolina's Carthage Police Department responded to a tip about a careless driver on the evening of October 3, 2019. The police reportedly found Hardy's car in front of a liquor store, seeing him come out with a case of beer, get into his car, and drive away in a reckless fashion.

Police pulled him over and noticed what "seemed to be dried blood" on his nose. When questioned about why he had a bloody nose, Jeff stated that he had been bloodied earlier in the night when "him and his wife got into a fight."

There were no further details regarding the claimed fight, what may have caused it, or if Jeff's wife may have been injured as well.

The Hardy Boyz celebrate a championship victory.

Police reportedly went on to continue questioning Hardy about his alcohol intake during this traffic stop. Upon flatly failing the field sobriety test, he was arrested for Driving While Impaired and Driving on a Revoked License.

Jeff Hardy's return to WWE may end up being in question, but there has been no word on if the company will take any action against him. Police have stated that they are not going to investigate the claims of domestic violence at this juncture, but also that they would look into things if Jeff filed a formal complaint against his wife.