Support For Donald Trump Impeachment Skyrockets In New Poll, 21-Point Jump Since July In Approval Of Inquiry

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Nearly six of every 10 Americans now say that the United States House of Representatives was right to open an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, according to a new poll released Tuesday by The Washington Post and the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. That number — 58 percent who support the probe now being carried out in the House of Representatives — represents a dramatic increase just since the summer.

In July, the same poll showed only 37 percent supported opening an impeachment probe into Trump, meaning that support for the inquiry has jumped 21 points in three months. At the same time, opposition to the impeachment inquiry has plummeted by 21 points, from 59 percent opposing the probe in July, to just 38 percent who oppose it now, according to the new poll.

But the poll contains even worse news than that for Trump. In addition to the 58 percent who now approve of the House inquiry into Trump’s potentially impeachable conduct, almost half of all American adults, 49 percent, have already made up their minds that the impeachment probe should culminate with Trump’s removal from office, The Post reported, based on the poll.

Only six percent say that they think the impeachment inquiry is a good thing — but that Trump should stay in office regardless.

Nancy Pelosi speaks.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the official impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.Featured image credit: Win McNameeGetty Images

As grim as those results appear to be for Trump’s prospects of surviving the impeachment probe, drilling down further into the poll reveals perhaps the worst news of all for Trump. According to the Post report on the poll, support for the impeachment inquiry is not being driven solely by Democrats who want to see Trump punished for his alleged misdeeds.

The poll shows that Trump is losing backing among his Republican base as well. Since a previous Washington Post poll was taken in July, support for the impeachment inquiry has jumped by 21 points among Republicans. That’s only four points fewer than the rise in support (25 percent) among Democrats. Independents in the poll showed a 20 percent jump in support for the impeachment inquiry since the start of July.

That number among Republicans may be one factor driving what is reported to be quiet acceptance among Republicans that Trump may not hang on until the conclusion of his first term, or if he does, will not be re-elected to a second one. As The Inquisitr reported on Sunday, one longtime Republican operative who served in Trump’s administration says that “conservative thought leaders” have already started the process of planning for the Republican Party’s future without Trump at the top.