‘Big Brother’ Season 21 Houseguest Suspected To Join Next Season Of ‘The Challenge’

Monty BrintonCBS

Big Brother alumni have been joining The Challenge for several seasons now. Natalie Negrotti and Victor Arroyo were the first BB players to crossover onto MTV when they joined the cast of Vendettas for Season 31. Since then, Da’Vonne Rogers, Paulie Calafiore, Julie Nolan, Liz Nolan, Jozea Flores, and Josh Martinez have all made names for themselves in different Challenge houses. While Big Brother Season 21 was airing this summer, the topic of appearing on The Challenge came up between several cast members including Jack Matthews and Nick Maccarone. But a tweet that came this past Wednesday during the airing of War of the Worlds 2 has many fans thinking another popular houseguest will be joining The Challenge for Season 35, or in the near future.

Kemi Fakunle tweeted that the trivia challenge on this Wednesday’s episode seemed fun, and fans of the BB player quickly began questioning if she would be joining the fellow reality series. To make things even more suspicious, the official Challenge Twitter retweeted Kemi’s comment, and things only got worse from there. Although Kemi was evicted early on this past season of BB, she was still a fan-favorite, especially after many felt she was targeted for being one of the people-of-color in the house. The Inquisitr previously reported on the drama surrounding Kemi and her fellow cast members.

While a Season 21 player like Jackson Michie or Christie Murphy might seem like a more typical cast member for Challenge producers to select, it looks like Kemi could be the one on her way.

Fans were more than excited once the rumors began flowing regarding Kemi returning to their TV screens.

“You should totally compete the next season….” one fan tweeted.

“Season 37 is waiting for you Queen,” another added.

The reason one fan would say Season 37 is because CBS reality stars are under contract with the network for a certain amount of years after appearing on TV. This means Kemi wouldn’t be able to join The Challenge until her contract expires, which is expected to be somewhere between two and three years.

War of the Worlds 2 cast members just filmed the reunion for their season, which means production for Season 35 will be underway shortly. A new cast is expected to start shooting very soon, and the social media activity of former Big Brother castmembers could give some hints as to who might be joining the physical series. Josh is the newest BB player to join the series having competed on Season 19, meaning some Season 20 cast members might be the ones who make their way onto The Challenge Season 35.

The Challenge has seen massive success by adding Big Brother players over the last couple of years, with almost everyone they have cast making a name for themselves by either being a dominant physical contender or causing lots of drama in the house.