‘Big Brother 21’ Houseguest Kemi Fakunle Shades Jack Matthews On The Night Of His Eviction

The relationship between Jack Matthews and Kemi Fakunle wasn’t one of patience and understanding this season on Big Brother. The hatred in the relationship seemed to be one-sided and resulted in some rather disturbing behind-the-back smack talk. Once Jack Matthews was called out for his inappropriate comments regarding Kemi after he was evicted, he apologized for expressing himself in the manner that he did, and claimed he would apologize to his former co-star whenever he saw her next.

Kemi was watching last Thursday when Jack was evicted and thew a little bit of shade his way on Twitter. Her first tweet was in response to a conversation documented by @BB_Updates, a widely popular Big Brother spoiler account which transcribes conversations from the live feeds. @BB_Updates detailed a conversation between Jack, Analyse Talavera, and Tommy Bracco, where the former said he was leaving the house because he wasn’t playing both sides like other houseguests.

“Everyone is [playing both sides]. I’m leaving because I am not. F***ing stupid. Bunch of liars and f***ing cheats,” Jack commented.

Live feeds viewers were annoyed at Jack’s comments since he was essentially describing the nature of the game he signed up for. Kemi seemed to share the same sentiments as so many Big Brother fans. The evictee re-tweeted the post from @BB_Updates and added a gif of Julie Chen saying “Welcome to Big Brother.

The shady post suggests lying and backstabbing is the name of the game in Big Brother, and Jack shouldn’t have been surprised. Kemi also tweeted out “Byeeeeeeeeeeeee,” just after Jack was evicted, and the post got well over 7,000 likes from her followers, making it one of her most popular tweets to date.

Lastly, Kemi retweeted one more post from a fan who shared her friend, Nicole Anthony’s, goodbye message to Jack. Nicole joked that now that Jack was out of the house, she could keep her shaker bottle in the fridge. Jack famously got onto Kemi for putting her personal bottle in the fridge and condescendingly spoke down to her in a way that was angering to fans. Many saw Nicole’s message as a clap back at Jack, which fans, and Kemi felt was quite amusing.

Viewers will have to wait and see an interaction between Kemi and Jack on finale night, marking the first time the duo will see one another since Kemi lost the battle back competition.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS.

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