WWE News: Jon Moxley Calls WWE’s Travel Schedule ‘Stupid’

Noam GalaiGetty Images for WarnerMedia Company

It’s no secret that WWE superstars spend most of their time on the road. While most wrestlers enjoy traveling the world, it takes a major toll on their bodies as the WWE schedule is known to be demanding. In recent years, many superstars have voiced their displeasure with the hectic tour dates, leading to the departure of many performers.

Jon Moxley, who was previously known as Dean Ambrose, has never shied away from speaking about his stint with the company. He was determined to leave the WWE due to his frustration with the creative team, indicating that he was not re-signing under circumstances. But Moxley was also not a fan of the WWE’s travel schedule. Now that he is a member of AEW, Moxley credits the newfound promotion for changing the wrestling industry.

“I think everybody’s going to start doing better than they’re doing right now. You’re seeing wrestlers who are getting more money from WWE because they are trying to lock everybody down. Which is great – it should have been like that all along! I think they’re gonna start reducing their schedule too, which is good, because their schedule’s stupid. Makes no sense,” said Ambrose, per Ringside News.

Given that AEW has fewer tour dates than the WWE, it’s been rumored that many wrestlers have expressed interest in following Moxley’s footsteps. With competition on the horizon, WWE has offered hefty salaries to convince several superstars to extend their current contracts. Prior to Moxley’s exit from the WWE, he was also offered a big raise to remain a part of the roster, although it didn’t influence his decision.

Recently, John Cena revealed that his body could no longer handle the WWE schedule, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Having been the face of the company for a decade, Cena only makes cameo appearances now that he has become an established actor.

Some top stars tend to have a favorable schedule where they perform on a part-time basis, but such isn’t the case for the majority of WWE superstars. While the likes of Cena, Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker are fortunate due to their status, others are expected to wrestle multiple times per week.

As mentioned by Moxley in his interviews, numerous WWE wrestlers have already received improved terms on their new deals. The rise of AEW has already challenged the WWE to implement some changes, which will likely be the trend going forward.