Boeing Confident With Battery Fix Changes For 787 Dreamliner

Boeing is confident that its new 787 Dreamliner battery fix will permanently solve a major problem that recently grounded its newest luxury jetliner.

On Monday, an executive for the international airplane manufacturer voiced confidence in the company’s proposed Dreamliner change.

Boeing was forced to ground 50 Dreamliners from various airline carriers internationally. The planes were grounded after the jets lithium-ion batteries burned on two planes in January 2013.

CEO Randy Tinseth also announced that Boeing has made significant changes that will pull together a revamped version of its best-selling 777 wide-body jet.

According to Tinseth, the company’s 787 Dreamliner battery fix is being evaluated by US regulators. Tinseth calls the proposal a “permanent fix” for the company’s January problems.

The firms CEO adds:

“It is a solution that we believe provides three levels of protection for the airplane and it’s a solution that we’re confident will ensure safe and reliable service for the 787 in the future.”

Boeing’s CEO goes on to note that the industry is still on a solid footing despite market uncertainty. Tinseth believes that developing economies including China, southeast Asia, and Latin America will ultimately help the aviation industry through mounting hard times.

Tinseth also notes that low cost carriers in the United States, Europe, and Russia have continued to add new aircraft demand into the mix.

Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner production was grounded to a half after the battery issue was revealed. The production stop couldn’t have come at a worst time for the aircraft maker. Boeing has been forced to cancel some of its orders because of delivery days expected to extend many years into the future.

Do you feel confident enough to fly on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner now that the company has announced a “permanent fix” for its battery?