WWE Rumors: Financial Details Of Braun Strowman’s Insane New Deal With WWE Revealed

The 'Monster Among Men' seems to be in the same place when it comes to money, too.

Braun Strowman shouts out from the ring.

The 'Monster Among Men' seems to be in the same place when it comes to money, too.

For the majority of this year, WWE has been working on re-signing those with expiring contracts or extending the deals of those already in place. With All Elite Wrestling being able to offer competing money, Vince McMahon didn’t want to lose any of his superstars to the competition. Back in July, Braun Strowman was re-signed to a long-term deal and now, the financials of his contract have been revealed.

Let’s just say that the “Monster Among Men” is also now earning monster money.

While WWE won’t usually release financial information of superstar’s contracts, the information ends up getting out there. This needs to be taken as a rumor, but most of the time these kinds of details end up being pretty close to accurate.

A few months ago, Strowman re-signed with WWE with a new four-year deal for the former Raw Tag Team Champion. The promotion has long had faith in the big man and featured him in numerous main event storylines and had him go after the Universal Championship on a number of occasions.

It seems as if they have even more faith in him as he’s going to be getting paid top talent money with this new deal. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., Strowman’s new contract with WWE is worth $1.2 million annually for all four years.

Braun Strowman attacks Luke Gallows (L) outside the ring on the August 19, 2019, episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

It has often been said that the usual downside number for contract offers from WWE is $1 million, but there have been exceptions. Guys like Brock Lesnar and John Cena obviously make more, but AJ Styles also recently re-signed with the company and is said to be earning a good bit more than Strowman received.


This is all obviously because of AEW and president Tony Khan’s ability to offer big-money contracts. Some of the superstars earning $1 million or more per year are getting it because there is now significant competition out there which can offer bigger deals than others in the past.

Along with Styles, the other members of The O.C. also earned some pretty big pay raises with their recent new deals. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were each originally offered $500,000 per year, but they hadn’t signed those deals and each negotiated another $200,000 annually.

If a WWE superstar is in a prominent enough position on the roster and their contract is coming close to its expiration date, they could end up with a big payday. All Elite Wrestling is there and ready to offer up big money for those that they feel are worth it, but WWE isn’t just going to let its top talent walk away.