Donald Trump Slams ‘Wack Job’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez After Viral Baby Eating Video

Carlos BarriaGetty Images

On Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held a town hall in Corona, New York, that was mostly business as usual. That is, until one woman stood up and started yelling that people need to start eating babies to save the planet.

Conservatives immediately jumped onto the woman’s comments, calling her an example of the type of people who support progressive lawmakers like Ocasio-Cortez and claiming that the woman was a poster child of “climate change hysteria.” Donald Trump Jr. jumped in the fray, as Business Insider reported, sharing a video of the town hall exchange. Donald Trump re-tweeted his son’s post, adding that “AOC is a Wack Job!”

The woman was part of a pro-Trump group who staged the event to embarrass Ocasio-Cortez. As The Inquisitr previously reported, a woman stood up during the New York lawmaker’s town hall and told her that a Swedish professor had a plan to save the planet: eat babies.

She brandished a shirt wearing the slogan “Save The Planet. Eat The Children.”

“I think your next campaign slogan needs to be this: ‘We’ve got to start eating babies. We don’t have enough time,'” the woman said.

It turned out that the woman was part of a hoax intended to be a satirical prank perpetrated by a right-wing group.

“It was us. Malthusianism isn’t new, Jonathan Swift knew that. Sometimes, only satire works,” the group declared.

But before the hoax was revealed, Ocasio-Cortez responded to Trump’s comments with a slam of her own.

“Better than being a criminal who betrays our country,” she wrote.

Ocasio-Cortez was likely referencing the recently-opened impeachment inquiry into the president’s conduct during a phone call between him and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The president is accused of using his office to pressure Ukraine into investigating his Democratic opponent Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Presumably, Trump wanted to discredit Biden and harm his campaign for president in the 2020 election.

The New York representative also cautioned people against making assumptions about someone who may or may not have a mental health issue. After it was revealed that the event was a hoax, Ocasio-Cortez commented on the situation via Twitter.

“Turns out the woman yelling was a Trump supporter,” she wrote. “Doesn’t rule out potential mental issue (Drs do that) but good to know they were not in crisis. Earlier this year I was stalked & very nearly hurt by a disturbed person. I don’t take chances & immediately try to de-escalate.”