WWE News: Company Quietly Changes The Name Of A Championship And Switches It To A New Brand

WWE is making big moves, but doing it on the down-low.

Drew Gulak celebrates with his championship belt.

WWE is making big moves, but doing it on the down-low.

This week’s episode of NXT was quite huge and brought about a lot of action which included three huge title matches. As reported by The Inquisitr, there were even two gigantic returns in Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa, but there were even more changes that some may have realized. WWE tried to quietly sneak it in, but they confirmed that a championship is getting a name change and being moved to the yellow brand.

With Friday Night SmackDown moving to a new night and landing on FOX, there is a ton of changes going on in WWE. NXT began airing on the USA Network three weeks ago, and everything appears to be changing all at once but for good reasons.

There had been rumors that 205 Live would be moving to Friday evenings and airing after SmackDown, but that now appears to be untrue. For a while now, there has also been talk of the cruiserweight division moving to NXT and merging with the black-and-gold brand to become one.

Well, it appears as if that is exactly what Triple H and WWE are going to do.

Those who were watching this week’s episode of NXT may have heard the announcement that Drew Gulak will face Lio Rush next Wednesday. It was also announced that the NXT Cruiserweight Championship will be on the line, and the official Twitter account of WWE confirmed that name to be correct.

As such, Gulak is officially known as the NXT Cruiserweight Champion because the title belt has been moved to a new brand. The belt itself still shows the “WWE” logo on it, but that may end up being changed over to “NXT” by next week’s show.


There has been no official word from WWE regarding the move or the combining of the two brands, but it seems as if that is what has been done. The official superstars page on the WWE website does still have a separate section for NXT and 205 Live, but that may also change soon.

If the two brands truly have been combined, it will be interesting to see how WWE plays this up. Drake Maverick is the general manager of the 205 Live brand, but he may end up clashing with William Regal if he moves to NXT and tries to keep his authority.

A lot of big changes are coming to WWE, and if this new name for the cruiserweight championship holds true, it will bring even more. NXT is a big enough brand on its own, but the addition of all those on the 205 Live brand could make it much larger and a lot stronger.