Jana Duggar Shares Latest Travel Excursion, Prompting Fans To Praise Her For Embracing The Single Life

Jana Duggar has proved that she can do just about anything. She is an expert gardener, knows how to use a chainsaw, and can remodel a room like nobody's business. However, the TLC reality star has yet to conquer one aspect of her life that her younger siblings have already embarked on, and that is marriage and starting a family. But that doesn't seem to bother her at all. In fact, Jana seems to be taking full advantage of the single life.

Despite being almost 30 and unmarried, Jana is still living her best life. Many Duggar fans are hoping and praying for John David's twin to find herself a good man to settle down with and start having kids. There are always rumors and speculation on whom she may be in a courtship with, the latest being Lawson Bates, but she admitted that they were good friends only. Jana is currently doing some traveling with her BFF, Laura Demaise, and she has been sharing a few photos and Instagram stories along the way. Her latest snap revealed that she had traveled to the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.

Jana Duggar is seen standing in front of the gorgeous hills and rock formations. She is wearing a striped dress that fits in perfectly with the colors of the background in the snapshot. The Counting On star also shared a Bible verse from Psalms‬ ‭8:3-4‬ ‭that expressed how she felt about the beauty that surrounded her.

Duggar fans always love it when Jana hops on social media to share her life with them. While they are hoping that she eventually will find someone to share her life with, they also love that she isn't just sitting around at home waiting for her prince to come. In fact, many are singing praises that Jana is taking full advantage of her singleness.

One fan wrote, "All her siblings getting married and having babies and Jana is out traveling the world!!!!! Who says she needs a man? She is clearly having the time of her life!!!"

Others agreed with that statement. Jana revealed recently that she and Laura had originally traveled to Texas to attend a friend's wedding, as previously detailed by The Inquisitr. It's not known if the girls are traveling alone together or if there is anyone else with them, but they seem to be having a great time exploring the West.

It appears that there is much more to Jana Duggar than meets the eye. You can keep updated on her life on her Instagram and also on the new season of Counting On coming up on October 15 on TLC.