Sharon Stone Sued By Former Employee

Sharon Stone is being sued by a former employee for wrongful termination and wrongful retaliation.

Stone’s former housekeeper, Angelica Castillo, is alleging that she was injured while performing her work duties for the actress. Even though Castillo was ordered by doctors to take it easy, Stone wouldn’t lighten her workload.

Castillo began working for Stone in 2010 and, in June 2012, she injured her back loading groceries into her car. The injury caused Castillo “extreme and severe physical pain,” according to the complaint, and Stone was informed of the injury the same day.

On September 28, Castillo was placed on modified duty by her physician, but Stone denied her request of bed rest and told her she would have to come in to work that day. For the next couple of days, Castillo came into work as requested, disobeying her doctor’s orders to avoid heavy lifting. According to the complaint, “other employees were present at the residence and could have assisted with the lifting and moving, but were not allowed to do so.”

On October 1, Castillo alleges that Stone called her “crazy” and “stupid” for performing her duties slowly due to her back pain. Stone terminated Castillo’s employment that same day, and Castillo filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing on October 10.

Angelica Castillo is seeking unspecified damages from Stone.

This isn’t the first time Sharon Stone has been sued by a former employee. Last year, Stone’s former nanny Erlinda Elemen filed a lawsuit accusing the Basic Instinct star of racial harassment and sweatshop conditions. Elemen claimed that Stone made her work every day of the week and holidays, but refused to pay her overtime. The lawsuit also claimed that Stone “equated being Filipino with being stupid” and that she frequently used racial slurs against Elemen. Stone called the lawsuit “absurd” and said it was filled with “fabricated claims.”

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