PSN Status: Sony Having Hard Time Getting Network Back Up

Those hoping for a good PSN status are still going to be disappointed as of Saturday morning. Sony isn't doing a very good job of changing the PSN status to anything other than offline. The struggles to get the PSN back online and move the status to "problem solved" are apparently happening, despite the fact that Lizard Squad says it is no longer launching an attack.

The Washington Post reports that while the PSN status is still a negative, Microsoft has managed to get Xbox Live back up and working. This has led some people to wonder just what in the world is going on with Sony right now, given that the company hasn't managed to get its network running. One thing is sure: The longer the PSN status is down, the better it is for the Xbox One -- and even the Xbox 360.

The news of Xbox Live being fully operational is another in what has been a very good month for Microsoft. While the PS4 was outselling the Xbox One for the first months of the two consoles being on the market, the Xbox One has made a bit of a comeback. The PSN status not being one that people can trust at this point is only going to cut into that momentum a bit more.

According to the the Twitter account AskPlaystation, Sony has largely fixed the issues that didn't allow people onto the network. The problem with this PSN status is that it's not entirely true. The account says there are PS4 and PS3 users who are still having issues signing in. If PSN is still having issues, then it means the status hasn't changed all that much for most people trying to play games like GTA V and Madden 15. These two games have a deep and impressive online presence, and neither are accessible for most people using the newest console from Sony.

The fact that two days after the attack, Sony is still having these kinds of issues illustrates there appears to be some kind of weakness in the network which people weren't previously aware of. If Sony was aware of this weakness, they certainly didn't work hard enough to fix it. Now everyone gets to check their PSN status to see if they can finally play online.