Maxine Waters Defends Tweet Calling For Donald Trump’s Solitary Confinement In Prison

During a CNN interview, Waters doubled down on her tweet in which she called for Trump to be placed in solitary confinement.

Rep. Maxine Waters listens during a discussion June 28, 2013 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.
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During a CNN interview, Waters doubled down on her tweet in which she called for Trump to be placed in solitary confinement.

Rep. Maxine Waters made a splash this week after posting a tweet in which she slammed President Donald Trump for criticizing the whistleblower in the Ukraine phone call controversy while saying that impeachment wasn’t good enough and that the president deserved prison time, specifically “solitary confinement.”

“I’m calling on the GOP to stop Trump’s filthy talk of whistleblowers being spies & using mob language implying they should be killed,” Waters tweeted.

“Impeachment is not good enough for Trump. He needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement. But for now, impeachment is the imperative.”

The tweet was one of several she posted in a short time frame that slammed Trump and his administration over the Ukraine controversy, including taking aim at Attorney General William Barr for his involvement.

According to Fox News, Waters on Wednesday defended her fiery Tuesday tweet while speaking with CNN‘s Anderson Cooper, who asked the lawmaker if she thought tweets such as that one “hurts her cause.”

Instead of answering the question directly, Waters doubled down on her criticism of the president.

“You know what? I think that it is very interesting how oftentimes, you know, it focused on what one of the members has to say,” Waters told Cooper.

“This president has not only undermined and denounced the press constantly and he’s dangerous.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Waters’ prison tweet came after the president publicly pushed back against the anonymous whistleblower from the intelligence community who originally blew the controversy wide open. Trump demanded that he be able to face his accuser and slammed whoever provided the whistleblower with the information as a “spy,” implying that the person should face capital punishment.

Waters also pointed out the president’s invocation of civil war over the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, taking aim at the media for not “bearing down” on what the president has recently said on the matter, to which Cooper challenged the California lawmaker to tune in to his network for proof that plenty in the media are dissecting the president’s constant bombardment of tweets and words relating to the explosive political situation.

President Donald Trump participates in a joint news conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto.
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The CNN anchor reminded Waters of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s call for members to take a more subdued tone concerning talks of the official impeachment inquiry. Waters defended her long track record of blasting the president for actions she believes are wrong and potentially illegal, insinuating that her recent words about calling for Trump’s imprisonment were not said lightly.

“They know that I have been serious about this. I’ve had the courage to stand up when nobody else was standing with me. So people know that I am responsible and that I’m serious,” Waters said.

Waters was one of the first high-profile Democrats to publicly call for Trump’s impeachment, which happened in 2017 during her speech at the “Glamour Women of the Year” awards ceremony, calling on the crowd to “impeach 45,” which sparked a chant from the audience, according to Real Clear Politics.