‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers: Lulu Confides In Dustin As Fans Wonder If He’s Too Good To Be True

Valerie DurantWalt Disney Television

Nina and Valentin’s wedding is only hours away, but General Hospital spoilers tease that it may soon hit a major snag. Sasha is torn over what to do about the secret she’s been keeping, and now she may have the power to decide taken out of her hands thanks to Lulu. It looks as if Lulu will waste little time confiding at least part of what she learned in Dustin. Could this be foreshadowing that he’ll turn out to be shady, too?

As viewers saw during Wednesday’s episode, Lulu overheard Obrecht and Sasha in the restroom talking about how Sasha isn’t Nina’s real daughter. Lulu may have told Maxie before all of this that she and Dustin aren’t really in a relationship, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll be quick to open up to him about what she just learned.

The sneak peek for Thursday’s episode reveals that Lulu will talk to Dustin about the situation, but it looks like she will talk in relatively vague generalities. Obviously, what she tells him is in the context of Sasha not being the sweet Port Charles newcomer who happened to discover that she’s Nina’s biological daughter, but it appears that Lulu will hold back on specifics, at least at first.

How far will Lulu go in this conversation with Dustin? General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that she will make a confession to him. However, it seems pretty likely she’ll stop short of giving him all of the jaw-dropping details.

Viewers are anxious to see what Lulu does with this information. Granted, she’s no fan of Nina. However, as The Inquisitr previously noted, it seems that General Hospital spoilers hint that Lulu will end up spilling the beans rather than let Sasha and Valentin continue to lie to Nina.

It seems likely that Dustin will give Lulu sound advice as she considers what to do with this bombshell she overheard. However, this conversation may leave fans wondering if this is hinting that Dustin may not be quite as good as he’s seemed so far.

Right now, Dustin seems almost too good to be true. He’s a sweet high school teacher with a great sense of humor who is clearly very into Lulu. However, fans have wondered if there’s bad news on the way when it comes to who Dustin is under the surface.

In recent episodes, Josslyn has spent time with Dustin as he teaches one of her classes at school. This is obviously leading to something, and fans are hoping that it’s not an inappropriate relationship between the two. It may just be that Joss develops a crush on him, but viewers can tell that the writers have something in the works on this front.

Lulu has quickly become quite smitten with Dustin and fans are smitten with these two as a duo. After all of the heartbreak she endured with Dante, many would love to see “Lustin” simply be a sweet, lasting love story. However, as some viewers have noted, very little about Dustin’s past has been revealed so far and that has some General Hospital fans feeling suspicious.

“My issue isn’t with Lulu hooking up my issue is that I think Dustin is NOT who he says he is bc he shows up at just the right time, everything Lulu needs & he is just [too good to be true],” tweeted one suspicious viewer.

“Dustin is probs the stalker Lulu was trying to find in her dating game investigation,” speculated another General Hospital fan.

Could Dustin end up hiding some important and negative details about who he really is, lying to Lulu about his character? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed anything particularly juicy on this theory quite yet, but a lot of fans have a hunch it’s coming, and they’ll be anxious to see where this heads next.