James Franco’s Neighbors Hate Him

James Franco’s neighbors have accused the actor, director, musician, and student of disrupting their lives because he uses his home as if it was a “major production company.”

The residents, who have remained anonymous, sent a letter to the website Curbed Los Angeles, which revealed that dozens of people have been moving in and out of Franco’s $750,000 house in Silver Lake. It also appears as though Franco hasn’t been living in the abode himself.

The email states, “At first, my partner and I were pleased to have Mr. Franco living next door. His work in Milk and his academic pursuits made us happy he was on our street. That is no longer the case.”

The couple proclaimed that the house “does not appear to be inhabited by the actor” and has instead been lived in by several people that are employed by Franco.

They then added, “In addition, over the course of the last weeks the individuals living on the property appear to be running a MAJOR production company out of the house and have also used it for shoots.”

However, they revealed that these individuals had acted courteously on one occasion, noting, “To be fair, they did provide us with notice for one shoot.”

They then predicted that there was actually a number of film shoots going on though. “But this appears to be way more than just a film shoot: the property has become a production house,” added the insider. “In fact, Iris, who works for the actor informed me that they are running production from the house.”

The source proclaimed that they had tried to be appeased by those in the house but they continue to act like a rabble. This has included the setting up of a hair and makeup center in their driveway, and when they asked Iris about these problems, she stated “they could do whatever they want on their property.”

The couple signed off, “We like James Franco and we like some of his movies. But we’re not so enamoured of his presence that we are willing to give up or sanity in our home.”