Australia ‘Unlikely’ To Give Internal Communications To Donald Trump For Investigation Of Russia Probe

Donald Trump won’t be able to count on much help from Australia in his controversial bid to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation.

On Wednesday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his country is “unlikely” to share internal communications after being contacted by Trump to help dig up information on how the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election started. As Sky News reported, Trump reached out to Morrison and a number of other world leaders asking them to help U.S. Attorney General William Barr as he reviewed the origins of the Russia probe. Reports indicated that the probe started, at least in part, when a Trump campaign aide spilled details about Russian help to Australia’s top diplomat in Britain, Alexander Downer.

Morrison said it is unlikely that Australia will share Downer’s diplomatic communications with Barr.

“It would be a very unusual thing to do and Australia would never do anything that would prejudice our national interest,” Morrison told Sky News Australia.

Trump has raised controversy and now faces an impeachment inquiry at home for his attempts to press world leaders into investigating his political rivals. Democrats in Congress have launched the inquiry after a whistleblower complained that Trump was pressuring the Ukrainian president into digging up dirt on Joe Biden and Biden’s son, Hunter. The White House released a summary of a phone call in which Trump pressed his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate Biden, though Trump himself said he has done nothing wrong and called the impeachment inquiry a “coup” attempt.

Trump directed Barr to contact Australia in the hopes of discovering that the Mueller investigation was biased and corrupt, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

In Australia, Morrison has pushed back against criticism that his country is helping Trump with a politically biased investigation, telling Sky News that his phone call with Trump was uneventful and they were prepared to help with the investigation.

“The president contacted me and asked for there to be a point of contact between the Australian government and the U.S. attorney, which I was happy to do on the basis that it was something we had already committed to do… it was a fairly uneventful conversation,” Morrison said.

But Morrison clarified that Australia would not be sharing any internal communications, leaving it unclear just what help Australia could be offering to Trump in his efforts to investigate how the Russia probe started.

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