Support For Donald Trump’s Impeachment Reaches All-Time High In New Poll

Donald Trump waves from the top step outside Air Force One.
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Support for Donald Trump’s impeachment continues to rise as the Ukraine investigation heats up, with one new poll showing an all-time high for proceedings that could remove Trump from office.

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll showed that support for impeachment proceedings has overtaken opposition for the first time ever. A total of 46 percent of voters said they supported Congress starting impeachment hearings, while 43 percent said they should not — a full three point higher than last week, when support and opposition were evenly split. The number also represents an all-time high for support of the impeachment process, the Politico report noted.

As The Inquisitr noted, the new poll matches the results of a series of others showing a rising support for the impeachment proceedings. A series of polls released within the last week all show growing support for impeachment, with CBS News, Reuters/Ipsos, CNN, Quinnipiac, and Monmouth University all finding that support for the impeachment proceedings were between 44 percent and 47 percent.

Democrats in Congress have moved quickly on the impeachment hearings after a whistleblower report claimed that Trump pressured Ukraine into digging up dirt on his potential 2020 opponent, Joe Biden, and Biden’s son, Hunter. The White House released a summary of a phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president that showed Trump pressing for an investigation of the Bidens.

The Democratic-led House committees have issued subpoenas to Trump officials for records and testimony, moving quickly even as the rest of Congress has gone home on a two-week recess. As Politico noted, there could still be some political risk for Democrats, as there is not uniform support for these hearings.

“The percentage of voters who disapprove of Trump’s job performance in the latest poll, 56 percent, still exceeds the 46 percent who think Congress should begin impeachment proceedings to remove him, or the 51 percent who say they support the current impeachment inquiry — a step short of actual impeachment proceedings,” the report noted. “Those findings indicate that there is a slice of moderate voters who disapprove of Trump but think Democrats are going too far.”


The polls also show that Donald Trump’s party has continued to rally around him, with large majorities opposing impeachment. Trump himself has spoken out strongly against it, accusing Democrats pushing the process of treason, claiming that their impeachment hearings are a coup attempt, and claiming that the person who shared information with the still-unnamed whistleblower is a “spy” who should be punished.