Triple H Fires Back At Keith Olbermann For Anti-WWE Tweet: ‘Don’t Be A Dinosaur’

Triple H cuts a promo during the 1000th episode special of SmackDown Live in 2018.

WWE executive and part-time wrestler Triple H had some choice words on Monday for Keith Olbermann, about a week and a half after the ESPN commentator took to Twitter and made some comments that many felt were anti-WWE in nature.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Monday Night Raw superstar Braun Strowman joined the Fox broadcast of the September 19 game between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals in what appeared to be an attempt to promote Friday Night SmackDown‘s October 4 premiere on the network. While Strowman discussed baseball and softball-related topics with Fox announcers John Smoltz and Joe Davis, this didn’t sit well with Olbermann, who tweeted that the network has to be “kidding” by inviting a pro wrestler to the commentary booth.

In an interview with Fox 10 in Phoenix, Triple H responded to Olbermann’s comments, saying on Monday that his reaction was similar to how some older people were bewildered at first by the success of Marvel’s superhero movies. As quoted by Wrestling Inc., the 14-time world champion then continued clapping back at the ESPN personality, explaining that people have to change with the times in order for their opinions to remain relevant.

“That’s where people were 20 years ago and now it’s the biggest thing in movies, it’s the biggest thing… Avengers: End Game [sic], right? That is the world today. Dinosaurs die out, the world changes, and if you don’t change with it, then you become extinct, just like the dinosaurs. So, Keith… don’t be a dinosaur or you’ll be extinct, too.”


As noted in the aforementioned report from The Inquisitr, Olbermann wasn’t the only public figure who didn’t appreciate Strowman’s guest spot alongside Smoltz and Davis. In a Twitter post, meteorologist Kevin Lighty called out Fox for bringing “some WWE dude” over to talk about wrestling during what he described as the “most important series of the year.”

Aside from Strowman’s sarcastic replies to both men, the likes of WWE Hall of Famers Mark Henry and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman and color commentator Corey Graves all took to Twitter to specifically fire back at Olbermann and defend the wrestling business from an apparent detractor.

Keith Olbermann is far from the only figure from mainstream sports to be accused of making disparaging comments about WWE or professional wrestling in general. For years, Fox Sports 1’s Colin Cowherd was known for his low opinion of the predetermined sport and its fans, referring to the latter as “booger eaters” on many an occasion. As of last year, Cowherd seemed to be much more receptive toward wrestling, though Forbes opined that this may have been because of his parent network’s attempts at the time to ink a television deal with WWE.