Statewide Electronic Voting Might Have Helped Hillary Clinton In The Democratic Primary, Says Report

Zach GibsonGetty Images

Back in 2016, a paper released by two graduate students from Stanford University and Tilburg University suggested primary election fraud in multiple states that favored Hillary Clinton. Snopes indicated that the statement was mixed in its accuracy due to the paper not undergoing peer review or academic scrutiny. Now, one of the study’s researchers has spoken with the San Francisco Bay View about the research and what they believe the results entail.

“We saw irregularities in vote patterns. For example, everyone knew that there were discrepancies between most exit polls and reported polls,” said Rodolfo Cortes Barragan, co-author of the study. “However, we found that there were more discrepancies in states with strictly electronic voting machines.”

According to Barragan, Clinton won by 65 percent, and Bernie Sanders gained 35 percent in such states. Conversely, in states with paper ballots, Clinton won by 49 percent and Sanders 51 percent. He claims that voting is most reliable in Oregon, Vermont, and Massachusetts, while the worst is Louisiana.

“Their strictly statewide electronic voting could be considered a form of voter suppression,” he said.

Barragan believes that digital voting is the most susceptible to fraud.

“The most preferable method is hand-counted paper ballots, next most preferable are paper ballots scanned by some sort of machine since there is a paper trail that can be hand-counted if a candidate with standing demands it. The least preferable method is of course purely digital voting.”

But the methods used by Barragan and his co-author Axel Geijsel aren’t accepted by all. The New York Times reports that exit polls — which their study examined — are “very inaccurate” and “systematically biased.” The report highlights that Democratic primary voters were much older than exit polls suggested. Given that Sanders has a large base of young supporters, it wouldn’t be surprising that exit polls swung in his direction. The same effect can be seen in the 2008 election when exit polls were biased toward Barack Obama.

Clinton has been making headlines again for her sprint of media appearances. Although they are purportedly to promote the book she wrote with her daughter Chelsea called The Book of Gutsy Women, many are speculating that she might be prepping to jump into the 2020 presidential primary to run for president again. The timing of Clinton’s return to the spotlight is curious, as it comes just as Democratic front-runner Joe Biden seems to be giving up his lead to Elizabeth Warren as well as the Ukraine scandal, which poses to hurt current U.S. President Donald Trump.