Stacey Dash Arrested, ‘Clueless’ Star Allegedly Pushed & Slapped Husband Jeffrey Marty

Clueless star Stacey Dash was arrested on Sunday for allegedly pushing and slapping her husband Jeffrey Marty. According to TMZ, the former talk show host was nabbed by Pasco County sheriffs and charged with domestic battery after she and her husband got in an argument in their apartment.

The police showed up around 7:45 p.m. when they reportedly saw that Marty had suffered injuries in the dispute.

“[T]he victim sustained red scratch marks to his left upper arm from being pushed,” the arrest report read, according to the local ABC affiliate.

Dash and Marty, a lawyer, married last year in a Florida ceremony that was kept under wraps. So far, the actress’s rep hasn’t responded to questions about the arrest, and she remains in jail for a 24-hour cooling-off period. Her bail has been set at $500.

Dash has been a polarizing public figure. She rocketed to fame thanks to her role in 1995’s hit comedy Clueless, which was based on Jane Austen’s Emma. She says that she was a Republican, voting for Barack Obama in 2008, when she decided to switch parties because of what she felt was a divisive political climate.

She became a vocal critic of things like Black History Month and the NAACP awards because, she says, they amplify racial division within the country. In 2015, she was fired as a contributor to Fox News.

The 52-year-old ran for Congress as a Republican in 2018, but she was forced to drop out of the race after she claimed to have been threatened repeatedly, according to a previous report from The Inquisitr. At the time, she said that she felt compelled to drop out of the race in order to protect her family after receiving vicious attacks on social media for her political opinions.

“I believe that the overall bitterness surrounding our political process, participating in the rigors of campaigning, and holding elected office would be detrimental to the health and well-being of my family,” she said. “I would never want to betray the personal and spiritual principles I believe in most: that my God and my family come first.”

Insiders close to Dash said that the actress was too concerned about the threats to her family’s well-being, forcing her to end her political ambitions.

“There were too many threats against her and her family. It was overwhelming.”

Despite her decision to drop out, she says that she will continue to fight to “improve the lives of people who have been forgotten for decades by the Democratic Party.”

She has since become a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump and uses her social media account to champion Republican causes.

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