Seattle High School Coach Accused Of Using Students To Score Dates

Seattle high school coach Troy Hennum is accused to using players to find him dates. Hennum had only been employed by the school for six days when he was allegedly caught engaging in inappropriate relationships with female students.

Troy Hennum, a Roosevelt High School softball coach, was placed on unpaid leave during an investigation into the date-getting scheme. The Seattle high school coach was hired by the board of education in February. The Washington state school district reportedly knew Hennum had already been investigated for sending inappropriate texts to a female student last year.

The Roosevelt high school coach is accused of telling his female athletes to engage in a dating “scavenger hunt.” The teenage girls were allegedly told to take photos of cute women and obtain their phone numbers for their coach.

Katharine Aagard, a sporting goods store employee, was reportedly approached by Troy Hennum’s softball players. Aagard maintains the high school athletes shared the details of their quest and got her phone number. Several hours later, the sporting goods store staffer stated she started getting text messages from the Seattle high school coach.

An excerpt from one of the alleged texts from the Roosevelt High School coach reads:

“This is Troy. The Roosevelt softball coach. Genius, great way to meet a girl, use my girls, lol. Are you single” Or am I wasting my time?”

Aagard admitted that at first she felt flattered, but then rethought her opinion about the scenario and deemed the entire situation “creepy.” She contact Roosevelt Principal Brian Vance via email and told him what had occurred with the softball players and their coach. The school administrator vowed to follow up on the allegations and thanked Katharine Aagard for contacting him.

Troy Hennum, 25, is also the coach of an area select softball team. He is reportedly the son of the head of the area softball organization. Hennum resigned his position at the Roosevelt High School after the move to place him on unpaid leave was announced.

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