‘Survivor’ Castaway Ronnie Bardah Dishes On Biggest Mistakes & What Was Lacking From The Premiere

As anyone who has ever watched a season of Survivor knows, the first few episodes are always chaotic. There are so many castaways involved that it is impossible to get to know everyone during the premiere.

In fact, it was just last season that Jeff Probst took to Twitter to ask whether Survivor fans would be comfortable with longer episodes because of how much the audience at home doesn’t get to see. According to The Inquisitr, the overwhelming majority of those who responded to the poll agreed that episodes – especially the premiere – just didn’t do the series justice if they were only an hour long.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Survivor.

The one thing that every single castaway that enters the game of Survivor can agree on is simple: no one wants to be the first person voted out.

Unfortunately for poker player Ronnie Bardah, his game came to an end shortly after it began.

Entertainment Weekly sat down with the poker player, as they do with every individual who gets voted out of the game, and got the inside scoop on what we didn’t see on television.

For starters, the outlet asked the same question most fans want to know following any tribal council.

What does Ronnie Bardah believe he did wrong to get voted off? And, did he see it coming?

Being a poker player, Ronnie acknowledged that part of his skill set was watching people. He, however, also openly admitted that he was no stranger to losing.

“Yeah, when we were on lockdown for those few minutes before going to Tribal, I was looking around and I looked over at Chelsea and Tom, and as soon as I looked over at Chelsea, she quickly just looked at me in the really oddest way and looked down at the floor, and that was a sign and an indication that something was wrong,” he explained.

Ronnie added that he couldn’t be certain why some of his tribe members were acting a little funny, but they were definitely putting off red flags with some strange facial expressions.

When asked why he was evicted, Ronnie explained that one of the most important steps to take during the first few days in the game is to make connections and develop friendships with people. Without spending much time together, the tribe doesn’t have much to go on during the first few votes beyond who they do and don’t like.

Unfortunately for him, Elaine made connections with everyone and he didn’t. He, however, appreciated the irony of the fact that the reason he left and she stayed is why he was gunning after her in the first place.

During the interview with the outlet, Ronnie also dished on what he wishes would have made it into the premiere that he believed was lacking.

The poker player explained that he felt the episode painted him as a bit of an unhappy and grumpy person. He wishes they would have included a few scenes of him laughing, smiling, and having a good time on the island.

“I mean, there was a lot of good times, a lot of funny moments. But they never showed me really smiling at all. I looked pretty menacing and pretty mean to be honest,” he explained to the outlet.

The Season 39 premiere of Survivor: Island of the Idols is currently available for streaming via CBS All Access.

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