September 28, 2019
Marie Osmond Gets The Greatest Gift From Superfan 15 Years After House Fire

Marie Osmond has the best fans in the world -- or at least the most thoughtful. The 59-year-old singer, who is nearing the end of her Las Vegas residency with her brother Donny, received a meaningful gift from a fan who came to her meet-and-greet at a show at the Flamingo Hotel this week.

Osmond posted a photo to Instagram which shows her posing with a fan named Linda who came to the Donny and Marie show at the Vegas hotspot. In the pic, the singer is holding a vintage copy of Butterick magazine, a now-defunct publication that contained sewing patterns and fashion news. The magazine, which features Osmond as the cover girl, appears to be from the late-1970s era when the star was at the height of her fame with the TV variety show Donny & Marie.

In the caption to her Instagram post, Osmond revealed that her fan brought the magazine to the meet-and-greet because she thought Marie may have lost her copy in the fire that damaged her home years ago. Osmond revealed that she did indeed lose her copy of the magazine, which featured some of her own sewing patterns back in the day. The Vegas star thanked her fan for being so "thoughtful."

Other fans took to the comments section to remark on Osmond's fan and her kindness as they recalled the magazine.

"Sweet! What a thoughtful lady," an Osmond fan wrote.

"I remember those patterns! My mom made me some things from them," added another.

You can see Marie Osmond's sweet gift from her thoughtful superfan below.

Osmond family fans may recall that in 2005, Marie's home in Urem, Utah caught on fire. According to Reality TV World, the Donny and Marie star was working in California, so she was not home at the time, but her then-husband Brian Blosil and their children were. The garage and Osmond's office above it was completely destroyed by the fire, and the damage was estimated at $50,000.

"We'll be praying long and hard for what took place," Blosil told KUTV at the time.

The fire started in the garage and started spreading to the office before firefighters closed an interior door to stop the flames from going further through the house. While no one in Osmond's family was injured, the star presumably lost all of the items in her garage and office, which is likely where her copy of the Butterick magazine was stored.

Marie Osmond recently joined the cast of the CBS chatfest The Talk, where she has opened up about many of her personal stories. Now, she can add this one to the list.