Jenelle Evans's JE Cosmetics Has Reportedly Been Dropped By Its Manufacturing And PR Company

Ex Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans had a rocky start with the launch of her newest venture: an eyebrow kit. First, she was slammed on social media and hit with fans who promised to boycott her product. Next came the allegations that she had only sold 150 kits in the first couple of weeks.

Now, it seems as if a new rumor is hitting the internet. Evans's company, JE Cosmetics, has allegedly been dropped by the manufacturing and public relations company, XJ Beauty. The firm works as a contract manufacturing turnkey solution company, and has partnerships with other companies such as Ipsy and Estée Lauder.

An unverified post on Reddit claimed that the user had received an email stating the dissolution of the partnership.

The poster explained that she had endured a serious quality control issue with her product, and had contacted the company to deal with the situation. After contacting customer support four times and threatening to go to the Better Business Bureau, the user finally got a response via email.

"Thanks for the email and apologize for the delayed response," the missive reportedly read.

"After what we saw had happened in social media, we saw something that our company does not stand for. We have already cut the tie/ended the business relationship with JE cosmetics."

"So XJ beauty has nothing to do with JE cosmetics as of now."
"The Shopify store is currently under transfer, but we were able to still refund you. Another thing is that we saw your photo of the product, we believe those black dots are fibers from the velvet box in the packaging."

Again, this information is still rumor, though the user posted a picture of the email on her Twitter account.

That said, there seems to be little disruption to Evans's website which still appears to be fully operational.

However, it would not be surprising for the company to reevaluate its relationship with Evans after a series of bad publicity. This past spring, the reality star was fired from Teen Mom 2 after her husband, David Eason, killed their French bulldog, Nugget.

More recently, Jenelle became embroiled in another scandal after rumors stated that her husband had knocked out several of her bottom teeth. She has vehemently denied the allegations, and claimed that any fake teeth noticed by fans were part of a retainer to help straighten her jaw to fix her overbite.

However, Eason does have a number of domestic abuse claims against him. In October 2018, Evans had called 911 to tell an operator that Eason had assaulted her.

Evans has not made any comment regarding her company. At this point, there has been no online corroboration regarding the claim that XJ beauty ended its partnership.