Chelsea Clinton Taunts President Donald Trump Via Twitter & Her Post Gets More Than Twice As Many ‘Likes’

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton has built a reputation of being rather outspoken on Twitter when she feels the need and she had quite the clap back for President Donald Trump on Thursday. The president has been battling a rash of negative headlines this week and it seems that Hillary and Bill’s daughter couldn’t hold back when she saw this recent opportunity to post a bit of snark toward him.

Early Thursday morning, Trump took to Twitter to comment on what he thinks is the greatest-ever American political scam, surely a reference to the new impeachment inquiry and the whistleblower complaint alleging he improperly handled relations with Ukraine.

The president’s tweet generated a lot of engagement, as his posts typically do. More than 97,000 people liked this particular post and more than 20,000 retweeted it. This tweet of Trump’s also received more than 41,000 comments which were a mix of positives from his supporters and critical notes from those who aren’t fans of the controversial president.

Among those who felt compelled to address this particular tweet of Trump’s with a mocking tone was Clinton. Although the president’s intended meaning was not necessarily difficult to discern, Trump didn’t specify exactly what he was referencing with his assertion about something being the greatest scam in the full history of U.S. politics.

Given that, Clinton apparently saw an opening and went with it by simply noting that yes, Trump himself is the greatest scam in the history of the country’s politics.

It appears that Clinton’s saucy tweet struck a chord among many on Twitter. The post was liked nearly 195,000 times and has been retweeted more than 27,000 times. That means that at this point, around double the number of people liked Chelsea’s tweet in comparison to Trump’s initial comment. In addition, nearly twice as many people retweeted her post versus his too.

Clinton’s post received about 5,600 comments and these were definitely a mix of positive and negative reactions. Clinton currently has 2.53 million followers on Twitter, whereas the president has almost 65 million.

Clinton isn’t the only one in the family who has been outspoken about the president and his current troubles. As The Inquisitr recently noted, former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary referred to Trump as a corrupt human tornado earlier this week.

It doesn’t look as if President Donald Trump or anybody from his team has responded to Chelsea Clinton’s tweet. Both Trump and Clinton have tweeted other things since this initial post and subsequent clap back, but it seems that her post is still generating a fair amount of buzz across Twitter.

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